Six Pack Sunday: Boozy Brunch and Subpar Sapphire

(Written on Sunday, I promise.)

Whether it’s Megabus, Bolt Bus, plane, train, or automobile, I will always find a way to get to the ones I love. And now, living in Philly, those trips just so happen to be a little shorter.  Which is great, because I love nothing more than weekend jaunts to my dear buddies in New York. So, in a throwback fashion, and since I haven’t even thought about Six Pack Sunday in forever, let’s bring it back to my roots.

1. Year of Cheese

In case you missed it, 2013 is all about cheese. I became every fellow bus-riders worst nightmare by toting along a rather fragrant Morbier in my purse. Luckily, I didn’t have a seat-mate, until I joined my cheese-loving partner for the weekend.

Food, Claire, and Beers

Food, Claire, and Beers

Not only was Claire my incredible hostess, she also makes a mean cheese plate complete with gourmet pickles and flax seed chips.

Jealous? Should be.

2. Found Nemo

This wasn’t a highlight as much as it was…. the bane of my existence.



Snow is disgusting. Snow in a city immediately turns into salty slush, and is disgusting on every possible level. When does Summer start?

3. No, Diggity.

Anyone else confused by that commercial during the Superbowl where Beck’s decided to transform Blackstreet into a beta fish who sings to a bottle of Beck’s Sapphire (which ironically has a ruby on it)? No? Just me?

Yeah, thought so.

Anyway, I had to figure out what the fuss was all about.

The first taste.

The first taste.

The verdict?



I’ll leave it to the beta fish.

4. Boozy Brunch at The Sunburnt Calf

The Sunburnt Calf is a delightful little slice of Australia nestled in Brooklyn. And, since Claire’s got a particular affinity for Australia, obviously that was our only choice for brunch.

Oh, hello there.

Oh, hello there.

The $20 endless mimosa brunch + coconute pineapple french toast didn’t hurt, either.

Come to mama.

Come to mama.

Since I basically ALWAYS put coconut in my french toast, I couldn’t resist this dish. And, though the portion was a little smaller than I expected for $10, the bread was soft like a pillow, the roasted pineapple was sweet, and the toasted coconut tasted a lot like what you imagine when you rub your body down with coconut body lotion. Not lotiony. Just delicious and tropical and made me forget the nasty weather just waiting outside.

5. Kindred Spirits

I realized, on the snowy Friday night of my arrival, that the reason Claire and I probably get along so well is because we get dolled up, do our hair real pretty, wear some sexy boots, and head to a bier garten. And we order beer by the liter and then we are perfectly content to beep boop bop as we occasionally talk to each other but sometimes a lot of times we happily tap away at our phones and show each other pictures and funny tweets.

Scenes from Friday

Scenes from Friday

We both commented that we wished someone was there with ANOTHER iPhone to instagram our overactive iPhones and our ridiculousness.

Whatever, don’t blame me for my generation’s pastimes.

6. Did I develop a lazy eye on the bus ride up?

(My fraternity-based "Little Brother"'s ACTUAL little brother, who is also in the fraternity. It's complicated.)

(My fraternity-based “Little Brother”‘s ACTUAL little brother, who is also in the fraternity. It’s complicated.)

What’s wrong, righty? Didn’t wanna come to the party?

I don’t even know what’s going on, y’all.

Favorite boozy brunch beverage?

Had any good cheese, lately? If yes, which one? If no, you better hurry! It’s almost mid-February!!




Six Pack Sunday: Living Socially

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

I know a lot of big things happened this week.

Movember/No Shave November ended. I mourned the lost of beardy men all over. I had the best grilled cheese of my life. MTV’s Buckwild trailer premiered. News of Girl Meets World swept the internet. But, for me, there was something even more momentous that went down.

I Lived SO Socially.  In fact, I lived socially TWICE this weekend. Winter Winery Tour followed by a Brewery, Distillery, and Winery tour. Too cool, right?

There were highlights from both.

1. A Match Made in Heaven

Cheese and Chocolate: Wine's best friends!!

Cheese and Chocolate: Wine’s best friends!!

2. Road Wine

Ever think that you’d like wine a lot more if it tasted and smelled like apple pie and Christmas?

Both ALPINEY andddd Spicy!

Both ALPINEY andddd Spicy!

Alpine Spice, from Sand Castle Winery in Bucks County. Serve warm in the winter. Consider yourself educated. Get this wine.

3. New Friends

I made a few, but I don’t wanna start blogging about them without clearing the air. However, I did meet this one stud…. He was the strong, silent type, but I think he liked me.

Cute hat, right?

Cute hat, right?

4. Pasta Salad

Yeah, that doesn’t always sound like a highlight. In fact, at most silly picnics and potlucks, I don’t really get excited over pasta salad at all. But, if it’s oriental pasta salad…. all bets are off.

Feast your eyes on THIS!

Feast your eyes on THIS!

Making this, POST-HASTE!!

5. Whiskey Wednesday (or Sunday. Or every day.)

I don’t even like whiskey. 90% of the time, the sound of the word “whiskey” makes me feel like running away in fear. But what about when the words BEFORE whiskey are “Salted” and “Caramel”?

Yup, taking you home with me.

Yup, taking you home with me.

Here’s hoping there’s a boozy cider night in my VERY near future. Because I brought a bottle of this bad boy home with me. Courtesy of Philadelphia Distilling… CRAFT LIQUOR, Y’ALL!!


So, for some fancy beer guys, No Shave November is more than a fundraiser. It’s a lifestyle.

Here’s to one of the best beer beards I’ve seen in Philly, a la Yards Brewery.

Sweet, brah.

Sweet, brah.

Love it.

And, with the end of the semester looming quite menacingly on the horizon, it’s back to reality.

Oh goodness, it was just so nice to not be in a library for a weekend…..


Six Pack Sunday: Gobble Wobble

The Top 6 That Were Hilarious about this Thanksgiving Weekend :

1. Tapas for the Appetizers for the Hors D’oeuvres

Snack before the snack before the dinner

One Price Family tradition: the “preat” (pre-eat) before we even leave the house or set out appetizers. This little dish was Doritos with shredded sharp cheddar cheese melted on top. Feel free to ride that one.

2. “Salads”

Dinner is served.

I promise, these later turned into Wedge salads. But they were just chunks of iceberg lettuce for QUITE some time. Appetizing, yes?

3. The Turkey Flies at Midnight

Ok, well…. maybe not midnight. But, I’ll shoot you straight, dinner was served promptly at 9:30pm.

Thanks for taking your sweet time, friend.

We’re night owls. Or turkeys. Whatever you wanna call it.

4. Sibling Shenanigans

You know who loves my fancy camera?

selfies galore

Belly laughs should always take place on the carpet

I’ve gotta find some Philly friends that are more interested in Carpet Photoshoots….

5. App Attack

Wait a minute.

Time out.

Does anyone else have Snap Chat?

Spooky, no?

PLEASE: can you all get it?! And then be my friend?

(Thank you SO MUCH siblings for suggesting this app. The best.)

6. Sweatsgiving

Anyone else start the night dolled up (like this):

All dressed up, with turkey in mouth.

And end up like this?

Sweatpants Selfie!!

Notice how most of my family is still dressed up… Not me. I make it a point to be the first one in the sweatshirt on all major holidays. Yes, I love dressing up.

I also love the extra space for stuffing those roomie pants give me.

Now, I’m exhausted and ready to nap off some of those late nights and early mornings. Crunch time’s coming in school this week…. gotta be well-rested, right?

Funniest family tradition?

Six Pack Sunday: Blessed with BEER!!

It’s been FAR too long. Six Pack Sunday posts are some of my favorite things to write but, as of late, I’ve been swamped with working, learning, and a little bit of playing.  One of my buddies from school asked me in class this week,

How on EARTH do you have time to write a blog?

Good question. I regularly wonder, when reading some of my favorite blogs, how they manage to go out and run 7 miles, food prep for the week, work their jobs, get their education, and look gorgeous while socializing AND blogging.  It’s a mystery, but I guess folks make it work. Bravo to all those overachievers in the blog world.

I’ve been feeling pretty fantastic, primarily because I’ve been achieving a bit, at least in the beer world…  Yes, I had a GREAT TIME with my new beer babes of Philly Girls’ Pint Out on Monday, but there’s been some other stuff….

1. FREE BEER!! Thanks, Yuengling!

Tastes like home

Sometimes, the stars align, and something wonderful happens. When that wonderful thing involves free beer… that’s even more wonderful. On Friday night, Yuengling treated the folks of Philly to a free Lager to thank them for helping make Yuengling the largest American-owned brewery. The Philly-wide Toast was a great way to start the weekend off on a solid, free note!

I have to give props to Neiman for what I think was a unique and very popular campaign. That’s the kind of advertising I’m into…

2. Midterms are Coming


That’s all.

3. Worth It.

I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant about shelling out $4 for an order of sweet potato fries.

Well, consider my doubts swept RIGHT under the rug!

Shut the FRONT DOOR!

Hip City Veg is DANGEROUSLY close to Athleta. Like… when you have a 15 minute break, you can get there and back in time to eat an entire order of sweet potato fries. Add a side of black bean cilantro dip (which I now FULLY intend to recreate, ASAP) and you have the most decadent treat I can imagine. Salty, sweet, creamy dip AND a decent sized portion. I don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse.

My tastebuds say blessing.

4. Drink Your Paycheck, Much?

Ever since Monday’s glass of Consecration, I’ve been JONESING for a sour beer. And then, last night, I got paid.

Sure, the check was a fraction of what I used to get working full time in research.

Sure, I’m also attending grad school and shelling out dollars for that.

But it was an itch that only a good beer could scratch.

Sexy, right?

Hey, Russian River… You make one heck of a sour beer, blonde or otherwise. And in your tartness, you have won me over completely…. It was ALSO totally worth it to enjoy a lone peer that harbored on perfect to end a LONG Saturday full of work and Zumba. I slept like a baby (if babies could drink sour ales).

5. Freezing Fashion

The weather was in the 60s this week. And, since my body, accustomed to North Carolina temperatures, panics at the sight of 7s and 6s leading the numbers on the thermometers, I did what any sane employee of Athleta would do…

The coziest.

The Reversible Training Headband by Smartwool screamed out to me since we got our winter shipment at the store. And, last night, the crisp air DEMANDED the purchase of my very own headband. I also have barely taken it off since then.

6. The Luckiest

Remember that time that I booked a flight, mid-summer, to Denver, Colorado for the weekend of October 11-13 for $7.50 since I had so many points for flying back and forth to Philly from RDU for the past two years?

And I chose that weekend specifically so that I could go to the Great American Beer Festival.

Then… the tickets when on sale.

Four minutes later, I sat at my computer, shell-shocked by the fact that I didn’t score a single ticket. The sell-out was nearly instant, and I REFUSED to drop hundreds of dollars on a scalped ticket.

My buddy Melissa and I then promised each other we would enter any and every contest to get our tickets, hoping for luck to be on our side.

Enter: BeerGram

I signed up to receive their emails, crossed my fingers, and said that, without question, I’d send my first “BeerGram” to my beer babe, Melissa.

And then I was told that I won tickets to GABF.

I not only won one ticket, but two tickets for EVERY session.

Oh, we’re GOING THERE!

My heart skipped a few beats, and then I immediately wrote back YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!

This is the most exciting Six Pack Sunday of ALLLLLL Six Pack Sundays.

I’m scoping out survival guides, I’m making my plan of attack, and I’m getting thirsty.

Anyone else going?! HOORAYYYYY!!

What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you lately, my friends?

Six Pack Sunday: Philly Geek Awards

Philly is FULL of geeks. I don’t know if I was aware of how many before this Friday, but, throw a red carpet out in front of The Academy of Natural Sciences, and you’re bound to catch a few.  Most of them will be in tuxedos. That’s just how the Law of Attraction works.

Luckily, despite Geekadelphia’s  Philly Geek Awards being sold out for weeks, this chick won a pair of tickets. And, since I’m the kind of geek who will spend an hour painting my nails to look like Poké Balls, I couldn’t pass up the chance to join the rest of the geek nation.

Geek much?

I nabbed the hottest date I could find (my little brother) as my plus one, grabbed a fancy dress from my closet (which is still in shambles post-move), and hit the town!


Red Carpets make everyone look good. But me especially.

And, in true Six Pack Sunday fashion, I’ll break down some of my favorite bits of this event.

1. Geek’s Paradise

This event couldn’t have been held at a better venue. The Academy of Natural Sciences has everything any geek could want in a party venue.

Dino buddy!

Dinosaurs with party hats!




Black widow: Terrifying.

TONS OF BUGS! Some living, some dead, but luckily the Nature’s Assassins exhibit was well protected. Because those pink toed tarantulas would NOT have made good fellow party guests.

And tons of excellent exhibits showing animals  in eerily realistic settings.

Thanks, taxidermy tools!

It was truly perfect.

2. Brews and Booze

You know what makes ANY event better?

Hello there!

Craft beer. And, for those who don’t love the beery goodness (blasphemous fools), there were other options.

Jameson Apple Whiskey, who knew?

Ginger Beer is a delicious treat. Noted.

There were also Tootsie Roll-tasting cocktails made with Spodee Wine.

Don’t worry, I tried it all.



Don’t worry, this underage stud was just holding my drinks, he didn’t consume any!

3. National Mechanics and Whipped Bakeshop: Feeding the Frenzy

National Mechanics catered this event, and, despite the long lines, I went back for seconds of their delicious pork, veggies, and (my favorite) empanadas!

Party platter

And what would a geeky party be without Internet Meme Cookies (courtesy of Whipped Bakeshop).

McKayla was not impressed

And though I thought I was stuffed from the spread from earlier, I managed to force one down I gobbled the heck out of mine.


Tasted like JPEGs.

4. The Awards Themselves

Too cool.

Who WOULDN’T wanna win that?

Also during the ceremony, hilarious podium activity AND wonderfully clever video introductions to each segment.


Trust the nerds to put on the most technically savvy and well-designed show together for a true crowd-pleaser of a show.

5. Stan Lee Surprise!

Guess who gave a shout out to Geekadelphia and the Geek Awards at the end of the ceremony?


Stan Lee. The one and only.

Jealous yet?

6. Noah’s Ark? No, just Friday in Philly.

Murphy’s Law: If you’re forced to park three and a half blocks away on a gorgeous Friday night for an event held entirely indoors, you will inevitably be faced with a torrential downpour when you attempt to leave, knowing full well neither of you brought an umbrella.

Drowned Rat!!

Despite my drenched dress (and person), the experience was AMAZING. I hope I’m lucky enough to purchase tickets next year and, though I hardly mingled much due to spending some QT with the little brother, I KNOW that the geeks of this city are some fantastic folks. I can’t wait to meet more.




Six Pack Sunday: Philly Recon

Hello there, strangers. Long time no talk. Or type. Or tweet. See, I’ve been working on a most-important mission.  That mission involves establishing one of the most basic of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: SHELTER!  Some of you may know that, starting this fall, I’ll be starting at UPenn’s Public Health program in the fall and, while the idea of commuting from the shore house is great in theory, I recognize that, in practice, it’d get ridiculous pretty fast.  Enter: the apartment hunt.

In my opinion, one of the more miserable experiences of life, the apartment hunt is a necessary evil.  This meant that the past few weeks have been spent scouring Craigslist, poring over real estate agent’s websites, and scampering all over Philadelphia trying to find a home.  Fingers crossed that my last application went through…  but goodness, what an adventure.  And that is now the subject of this week’s Six Pack Sunday.

1. Home: It’s Where I Want to Be

Hey there gorgeous!

Honestly, why WOULDN’T I want to live here?

2. Bubble Break

All that scouring can make a girl frustrated, irritated, and in need of a break.  So I took one.

Luckily, I met some new friends.

More on that later.

3. What on EARTH?!?!

Stop the presses.


You read that right.

Cowboy Monkey Rodeo.

Monkeys that ride on dogs. Rodeo style… At baseball stadiums.

Your guess is as good as mine.

4. Independence is Bliss

Philly’s got a bevy of public transportation options courtesy of everyone’s favorite frenemies, SEPTA.

And, when you have to take ALL Of them in one day, this is your best bet:

Independent as HELL!

The Independence Pass is great for unlimited travel on the SEPTA buses, trains, subway, and trolleys.  Headed to Philly for a jam-packed day trip? Invest in one of these! $11 gets you ALL over the city. I know this because (mostly on accident) I went ALL over that city (I’m still trying to figure out Express trains vs. Local trains, oops.)

Worth it.

5. NC Beer Repping in Philly

As if to remind me that, Yes, I have ONE more trip back down to NC before I’m officially moved out, guess what made an appearance on a tap lineup in Philadelphia?

Duck… Duck…. RABBIT!

My beloved Duck Rabbit showed up as a featured beer at Los Caballitos Cantina and I was tickled! That being said, since it was lunchtime and I was already treated to a tasty 20 oz brew by a buddy, I figured I shouldn’t indulge in another lest I miss any apartment viewings!  Better safe (and semi-sober) than sorry.

6. Celebration (Hopefully!!)

Many hours after we started…. I think we may have one.

We celebrated, regardless.


When faced with the opportunity to enjoy the pop-up Beer Garden at the 30th Street Station Porch, how could I say no?

I think I’m gonna like it here….

Six Pack Someday: Tropical Storm Debby Does Destin

What day is it?  What time zone? Wait…. where am I?

Ah. Ok. It’s Friday, 4:51 pm EST and I’m (blissfully) in Ocean City, NJ, my favorite place on the planet. And after scampering from Costa Rica to Pennsylvania (for a quick nap) then to Durham for a hot second (or four days), I headed even further South for a little vacation with the beau and his family. Though we’ve been dating for over four years, I have just recently met a number of Ryan’s relatives (who reside in exotic Texas, thus mostly out of my regular travel grasp) in Destin, Florida. And Tropical Storm Debby had the NERVE to join me on my vacation.  Luckily, she migrated after a little more than a day, so I still nabbed my fair share of sun and sand (too much on my backside I think…. I’m basically the Coppertone Girl right now.)

Sweet Booty Burn, right?

ANYWHO, I know it’s not Sunday. But since, when you’re funemployed, days don’t make any sense (and I haven’t produced a Six Pack Sunday in AGES), let’s bring it back for old time’s sake.

1. Tiny Baby Plane

Perhaps you’ve flown US Airways…. But have you EVER had the pleasure of flying US Airways Express?  Because (and correct me if I’m wrong), I’m pretty sure they’re the same airline, only they use toy airplanes meant for children to play with instead of real airplanes to get passengers from one destination to the next.

Here’s an awesome shot of my head pressed against the ceiling (roof?) as I uncomfortably await my deplaning.


Normally, being 6’1″ is the JAM. In the case of the tiny airplanes… less so.

2. Debby’s Demise

Double the rainbow, double my joy

Only rainbows after rain, right?

Take that, Debby.

3. The Donut Hole Diet

The Donut Hole is a quaint little spot (or two, I think I saw a second location) in Destin, Florida that’s known for donuts and serving breakfast foods well into the evening.  But I think what I’ll remember best about it was their “Diet” Plate.

Healthy, yes?

Luckily, I went with a much healthier option.  Giant slices of homemade french toast filled with walnuts, raisins, and drowned in syrup.

Much better.

4. Polish Party

When there are rainy days at the beach, there’s not much to do.

Mojito Madness by Essie!

We may all have had the same color polish on by the end of that first day. Lucky the storm didn’t last much longer, or the boys may have gotten pedis.  And maybe the puppy.

5. The Ultimate Spot for a Hermit

Ah, oysters, ambrosia of the sea.  And, apparently, a not-so-great spot for a Hermit Crab to try and make a home.


That’s right, we found this little nugget inside of an oyster we got during Happy Hour at Mitchell’s Seafood Market. Luckily, it was spotted BEFORE anyone swallowed it.  Apparently this hermit wanted the ultimate getaway.

RIP Hermie.

6. Do Not Adjust the Settings on Your Computer 

Is that our love burning, or just our skin?

Both Ryan and I ended up about the shade of your run-of-the-mill boiled lobster.  That Florida sun is no joke.

And now, here I am. Another beach, only this one’s the shore.

It’s good to be home.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever found in your food?

Hermit crab TOPS the list, hands down.

Six Pack Sunday: Enjoy the Ride

We’re coming to the end of an era, folks.  By we, I mean the royal we, as in only I am. But you probably know what I’m saying.

I’ve got 2ish days left until my Costa Rica trip.

5 days left in the office.

12 days left until an epic Florida vacation with Ryan’s family.

And 18ish days left until I make my move (the first part, at least) to the shore for the month of July.


Until then, I’m going to take the advice of my friends over at New Belgium Brewery and Enjoy the Ride.  So that’s what this week’s Six Pack Sunday is all about!

(PS read through all six for a HUGE surprise at the end! Unless you follow me on Twitter, then it’s less surprising.)

1. Soaking Up the Sun (or the rain?)

So yeah, that Costa Rica trip? Here’s the forecast:

Lookin’ GOOD!

I’ll be honest, though. It could rain every second of the trip and I’m sure I’ll have a blast. I’ll be with my best friend, going on all sorts of adventures.

That being said, cross your fingers, your toes, your legs, your hair (maybe braid it?) that it clears up.  Because we ladies like to get some sunshine now and then.

Recreating our favorite 2005 photo op

2. A Fond Farewell

I had to say farewell to my favorite Zumba instructor of all time (guess what color she was!), Aaron, this Tuesday. It was her last Tuesday class, and my last week at the gym. Though there’s a slim possibility I may take one last class with her, it still felt like goodbye.

She’s also the tiniest

I enjoyed every class I’ve ever taken with her, and wherever she teaches next is getting on hell of a instructor!  Instead of dwelling on the sadness, we rocked out an excellent booty shaking class. Obviously, this sweaty picture was snapped after class.

3. New(new) Lulu

Isn’t it… beautiful?

So lululemon has a new location.  AND it’s virtually in my backyard.  The Durham lululemon just opened up on Friday.  And I may have visited two times already.  I’ve been working very hard the past few weeks on the Healthiest You Challenge, so instead of freaking about the cost, I decided to reward myself with some goodies.

The second time, I walked out with a brand new pair of reversible groove shorts and scoop neck tank (in a pattern not shown on the website. It’s rather adorable, so I’m sure I’ll show it off soon.)

4. Spades Spaz

I played Spades for the first time last night. And my first hand may have been the worst hand known to mankind.

Spells trouble

Luckily, the my partner and I rallied and this newb totally WON her first game ever! It got a little intense, but I managed to let the competitive monster that lives inside of me take the night off in favor of just having fun.  And it paid off.  I liked it. More mellow (but I still won.)

5. Frat So Hard

What happens when a bunch of St. Anthony Hall members live in the Triangle?

We inevitably find the frattiest place in Chapel Hill and invade it en masse.

I literally almost bumped into some of my brothers at the Carolina Inn’s Fridays on the Front Porch, and even though they all hail from Ole Miss, they found their way to our little Southern Part of Heaven.  I love Chapel Hill.

6. I won a bike.

Wait. Let me fix that.


Oh yes, you will be mine.

New Belgium’s Enjoy the Ride campaign encouraged their followers to tweet a story that embodied the “Enjoy the Ride” slogan.  And so I did just that.

foodsweatnbeers: It was the end of the boardwalk, but the beginning of ride. Sisters, sweat, sand, and sun. #EnjoyTheRide @newbelgium

Guess who won the first bike of the campaign?!?!?!?!


That’s a shot from me at last year’s Tour de Fat in Durham. And as a lover of New Belgium AND bikes, I couldn’t be more excited!! Stay tuned for tales of me cruising the shore on the flyest bike in the world.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever won?

Because this bike definitely takes the cake for me.

Do you like card games? Board games? Mind games?

Six Pack Sunday: Fashion, Fun, and Foliage

I’m struggling to keep my eyes open.  I just spent the past 48 hours road-tripping to Asheville, NC and then enjoying the HECK out of the last few days of Asheville Beer Week (which, surprisingly, is 11 days. Asheville goes HAM.)  And I really wanna write all about that.  But I can’t begin to put into words the glory of that beautiful town and their booming craft beer community right now, so I will stick to the tried and true format of ol’ reliable Six Pack Sunday.

1. Fiercely Fashionable

I am a fashionista.  I made this abundantly clear by rocking jorts almost the ENTIRE weekend.

Craft Beer Couture?

Be on the lookout for my new fashion blog, Just Jorts, in the not-too-distant future.

2. Bathroom Intrusion

Um, excuse me, sir….

Mister Nature is pretty nosy

I don’t think I invited a TREE into the port-a-potty with me…


3. It’s So HARDDDDDDDDD to Say Goodbyeeeeeeeeeee

Farewell, old friends.

I’ve had them for a year and a half, but I finally wore out (and stank out, pee YEW!) my pumped up kicks that my beau got me for Christmas 2010….  I will miss them dearly.  I will NOT miss their aroma.

4. All the Single Ladies (AND their Single Pancakes!)


Courtesy of Joy the Baker’s Single Lady Pancake recipe (and a few tweaks of my own), I was able to both clean out some pantry goodies (coconut, quick oats, flour) AND create a DECADENT oat-peach-coconut pancake order for one.  Single girl living isn’t too bad if you’ve got syrup to wash it down…

5.  Lost and FOUND!

Holy. Mackerel.

Remember that bag that went missing in FEBRUARY that I assumed was gone forever and I was so upset and it was the worst?

I got an email from a restaurant, and they said it TURNED UP IN THE LOST AND FOUND!! oh my goodness. Nothing was missing. It’s back. I am the happiest purse mama of all.


Thank you to whatever kind soul turned it into a lost and found. You’re an angel!

6. Pucker Up for Putt Putt


I don’t know. I hate mini golf, but if it’s played with lemons… well maybe that’d be a little more fun.

Asheville, you’re a hell of a town.

BRB, gonna crash so hard in my bed.

Six Pack Sunday: Pizza Gear and Summer Beer

Now that the sunburn has finally stopped sizzling, I guess it’s official. Memorial Day Weekend is in full swing, and that can only mean one thing: Summer time, baby. The living isn’t really “easy” or even that different, but there’s a shift in my mentality, knowing that I only have about 14 days left at the office, and about a month before I start my gradual move to the North (Philadelphia by way of Ocean City, NJ… quite the exodus, yes?)

Luckily, today also means Six Pack Sunday.  So there’s that.

1. Sunshine Wine

The gang’s all here

Before this weekend, I’d never made sangria before. But I a Sangria newbie NO MORE! Following (mostly) this recipe for a “light” tropical Sangria from Cosmopolitan, I put it in the fridge Friday night and hoped for the best. Luckily, what I created received rave reviews from my friends.

I nixed the lime slices in favor of lime juice, added a peach and a bit of Splenda, along with an airplane bottle of lime rum which has been sitting in my apartment for way too long.

I tasted better than that picture looks…

It was the perfect treat for poolside sunning.

2. A Running Fool

So I know I’ve referenced the Doughman a few times, and yesterday posted a teaser of my sexy costume.  But it wasn’t all about eating and costumes and silliness. We actually had to run! And so, on Wednesday, I fought some crazy crowds in downtown Durham to practice my route.


The pride you see on my face is from running the 1.8 mile course in 18 minutes, after getting a little turned around, and drenching my body in sweat. TOTALLY worth it to not get lost on Saturday morning.

3. Summer Beer

Ta DA!

Clearly, I’m a fan, as demonstrated by my newest Untappd badge.

4. Chicken… AND waffles?!

That chicken is what my heart looks like, too.

Dame’s Chicken & Waffles. 

Oh my gosh.

More on that later.

5. I got Pizza on my Chest, but Don’t Call Me a Pizza Chest

I may not be a fashionista…. but I gotta say, I’m not a fan of this.


The Pizza Shirt is just a LITTLE too realistic looking for me.

And given the fact that my beau is a notorious pizza hound, I probably shouldn’t get one of these any time soon, for fear of him actually eating me up.

6. Just Call Me Speedo Sally

Yesterday, I was up and wearing a bathing suit by 6:15 am.


I don’t think I’ve done that since I was like… 11.

Who is this crazy Jordy girl?

Speaking of Speedos, I think I gotta toss on my bikini and get back to the pool.

Are you a Sangria fan?

What’s your favorite poolside bevvy?