Six Pack Sunday: Philly Geek Awards

Philly is FULL of geeks. I don’t know if I was aware of how many before this Friday, but, throw a red carpet out in front of The Academy of Natural Sciences, and you’re bound to catch a few.  Most of them will be in tuxedos. That’s just how the Law of Attraction works.

Luckily, despite Geekadelphia’s  Philly Geek Awards being sold out for weeks, this chick won a pair of tickets. And, since I’m the kind of geek who will spend an hour painting my nails to look like Poké Balls, I couldn’t pass up the chance to join the rest of the geek nation.

Geek much?

I nabbed the hottest date I could find (my little brother) as my plus one, grabbed a fancy dress from my closet (which is still in shambles post-move), and hit the town!


Red Carpets make everyone look good. But me especially.

And, in true Six Pack Sunday fashion, I’ll break down some of my favorite bits of this event.

1. Geek’s Paradise

This event couldn’t have been held at a better venue. The Academy of Natural Sciences has everything any geek could want in a party venue.

Dino buddy!

Dinosaurs with party hats!




Black widow: Terrifying.

TONS OF BUGS! Some living, some dead, but luckily the Nature’s Assassins exhibit was well protected. Because those pink toed tarantulas would NOT have made good fellow party guests.

And tons of excellent exhibits showing animals  in eerily realistic settings.

Thanks, taxidermy tools!

It was truly perfect.

2. Brews and Booze

You know what makes ANY event better?

Hello there!

Craft beer. And, for those who don’t love the beery goodness (blasphemous fools), there were other options.

Jameson Apple Whiskey, who knew?

Ginger Beer is a delicious treat. Noted.

There were also Tootsie Roll-tasting cocktails made with Spodee Wine.

Don’t worry, I tried it all.



Don’t worry, this underage stud was just holding my drinks, he didn’t consume any!

3. National Mechanics and Whipped Bakeshop: Feeding the Frenzy

National Mechanics catered this event, and, despite the long lines, I went back for seconds of their delicious pork, veggies, and (my favorite) empanadas!

Party platter

And what would a geeky party be without Internet Meme Cookies (courtesy of Whipped Bakeshop).

McKayla was not impressed

And though I thought I was stuffed from the spread from earlier, I managed to force one down I gobbled the heck out of mine.


Tasted like JPEGs.

4. The Awards Themselves

Too cool.

Who WOULDN’T wanna win that?

Also during the ceremony, hilarious podium activity AND wonderfully clever video introductions to each segment.


Trust the nerds to put on the most technically savvy and well-designed show together for a true crowd-pleaser of a show.

5. Stan Lee Surprise!

Guess who gave a shout out to Geekadelphia and the Geek Awards at the end of the ceremony?


Stan Lee. The one and only.

Jealous yet?

6. Noah’s Ark? No, just Friday in Philly.

Murphy’s Law: If you’re forced to park three and a half blocks away on a gorgeous Friday night for an event held entirely indoors, you will inevitably be faced with a torrential downpour when you attempt to leave, knowing full well neither of you brought an umbrella.

Drowned Rat!!

Despite my drenched dress (and person), the experience was AMAZING. I hope I’m lucky enough to purchase tickets next year and, though I hardly mingled much due to spending some QT with the little brother, I KNOW that the geeks of this city are some fantastic folks. I can’t wait to meet more.




6 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: Philly Geek Awards

  1. You look super cute in the pics, and your cupholder, I mean brother… too! And those JPEG cookies are hilarious! You are definitely diving right into PHILLLYYYY!

  2. Looks like it rained more there than it did while I was in Scotland! Hah! I think my friend Peter was heavily involved with the awards, I’ll have to find out! You and your bro look quite dapper (pre-rainfall), hehe. 😀

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