Carolina Blue is the Best Medicine of All

Ah, use of both nostrils, how I missed you…

In case you missed it, I’ve been sick. Really sick. But a little trip to the doctor, a lot of Sudafed, Nyquil, Dayquil, Orange Juice, Theraflu, and 4 naps within 2 days led to a woman on the verge of recovery.  Admittedly, this woman was probably not 110% last night (and still isn’t this evening) but it’s a work in progress.  I’ll admit, though, my desire for food has run the gambit, from ravenous to totally uninterested in anything edible, but tonight everything started shifting back into normalcy.  What’s more normal than breakfast for dinner?

For me, it doesn't get more normal than this.

Omelet containing all sorts of healthy junk.

On the fancy Sara Lee Delightful Wheat Bread, clocking in at 45 calories per slice. As much as I love a good sandwich thin as much as the next health-conscious broad, there’s nothing quite like bread that looks and feels like bread, not like flattened bread-like disks.

ANYWAY, onto the fun stuff. Last night, even though I was on death’s doorstep earlier in the morning (exaggeration is essential in any good story telling), I sucked it up (after the second nap of the day) because Roy’s Boys were playing!!

A sea of beautiful Carolina blue

I haven’t been to a Carolina basketball game since 2009 (ironically, I also haven’t been this sick since 2009). Why not just make it a perfect pair, right? With great sickness, comes great responsibly…. to cheer on UNC!!

Yeesh, I know, a little rough looking, but I made it out of the house!!

I took one of my oldest Carolina buddies, Katie, who recently just got engaged to her beau, out for a little engagement party cheering on our favorite team. You might notice the dark blue wall behind us.  Well that’s because we were seated in the VERY LAST ROW!  Needless to say, I’m glad I had my glasses with me.

We watched as UNC put a hurtin’ on some Miami Hurricanes, yelled as loudly as a hoarse alumna could yell, and, of course, jumped around.

(I promise, that jumbo tron says Jump Around)

It was a blast and a half and, despite getting home at almost midnight, I’d have to say it was totally worth it (even though we didn’t get cheap Bojangles biscuits since UNC didn’t score 100 points… rats.)

This weekend, I’m headed back to PHL for a little R&R with the beau, so I’ve got a lot of clothes-folding and dish cleaning to do before my flight!!

What team would you scream your heart out for, despite a sore throat?

5 thoughts on “Carolina Blue is the Best Medicine of All

  1. Born & Bred Duke fan (brainwashed since birth…seriously everyyyy relative of mine went there) but converted Demon Deacon fo LIFEEEE. except its hard to cheer on Wake basketball lately. Not having a great few years. Wish we could get Chris Paul back…

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