Taking the Plunge… Literally.

I needed a change, fitness-wise. I was getting bored and, as much as I love to Zumba with the best of them, a girl can’t live on Zumba alone. And then, the other night, at Dick’s, I decided what that change would be.

I grabbed about a dozen different sizes of bathing suits (what the FORK is racing suit sizing?! Luckily I found this website to help with bathing suit size conversion). After wiggling, jumping, hopping, and tugging the bathing suit (which I’ll now refer to as a batherbecause that’s my term of choice) into place, losing any and all sex appeal, and ogling my goodies in the mirror, I knew it was the right move. It’s the TYR Women’s Alliance Team T-Splice Maxback Tank Swimsuit Doesn’t that sound badass?

And, since my mom loves me, she treated me to my newest workout gear.

For whatever reason, I already have goggles. They’ve been sitting next to my tower fan for over a year now and, honestly, I just needed a reason to look fiercer than I normally look.

And, when I was at the store looking at swim caps, I thought “Go big, or go home” and grabbed the neon pink latex cap.

Sexy, Can I?

It’s funny, when I was younger (from about 7-13) I was a HARDCORE swimmer. Practicing all my days (summer and winter), a bather was my second skin, and I was so fast at flipping a swim cap on, you’d think I was born to be bald.  But, when I got to a point where the juice wasn’t exactly “worth the squeeze” I transitioned to the “tall girl sports” of basketball and volleyball, leaving the chlorine and swimmer’s ear behind. As I fiddled with my swim cap, wondering how on earth all my hair was going to get in that latex glove, I actually had to give myself a pep talk.

Come on, Jordan. You’ve done this THOUSANDS of times before. Your head can’t be that big, right?

Well, I was correct and after no more than 4 failed attempts at donning the proper head gear, I was ready to do the damn thing.

No, that's not a picture of 10 year old me. That's yesterday.

I headed over to the pool, dove in, and it just felt so right.  I’ve never liked running, so I can’t just “throw on some shoes and run.”  I can, however, throw on a bather and swim.  So I did.

Reunited, and it feels so good.

I swam 40 laps, alternating freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.  After that, I grabbed a kickboard and did ten laps of kicking (again, either freestyle, breaststroke, or backstroke).  I felt so strong, I was breathing hard, and my total yardage was 1,250.  That’s 510 yards short of a MILE!! And I think that’ll be what I can shoot for, next time.

This is the perfect addition to my workout repertoire.  It’s a full body workout, it’s low impact, AND it lets me live out my Mermaid Woman dreams in a safe and healthy fashion.  Win, win, win, all around.

Have you ever picked up a sport or hobby you left for years?  How’d it go?


18 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge… Literally.

  1. I love swimming, and just returned to it today after a two month break. I started swimming due to my flare ups with my achilles. It takes more work to get into the pool, but the results are worth it..I get pretty toned when I swim.

  2. Hot. I would love to try swimming but I am hindered by a lack of place to do it year round that isn’t expensive, not knowing how to do the proper strokes, and not wanting to fry my hair in the chlorine. Where do you find an inexpensive place to swim?

    • Well, it’s a double-edged sword. I go to a not-so-inexpensive gym (that I totally love and think it’s worth every penny) BUT for $5 extra per month, I can go to the other location, which has a pool. In my eyes, this is a steal.

  3. You are far more Brave than I. I swam for years and quit cold turkey. I just hate wet hair….and swim caps…and seeing speedos…and backstroke. Running is not glamorous, but at least I can wear clothing.

    Sport I want to get back into? Skiing. I have snowboarded for years and I am dying to get back on skis.

  4. Looking good Jordan! That swim was an impressive distance!
    And swimsuit sizing is horrible! I want to order another suit online because there are so many good discount sites but I’m so worried it will come and will be like 3x too small. But maybe it’s worth the risk if it’s a $19 Nike suit. 😛

  5. One, thank you for supporting my employer. 🙂 Two, I wish I knew how to swim, but I never learned! I think it was my mom telling me, “Please Cherie–black people don’t swim. It’s gonna mess up your hair. Now quit it with that crazy talk.” Yeah, so swimming and me are a big FAIL. Three, the pink cap is hawt.

  6. You are too funny! “AND it lets me live out my Mermaid Woman dreams in a safe and healthy fashion.” LMAO!
    I’ve been thinking of an old hobby I’d like to get back to… Playing the trombone. I haven’t played since I traded mine in back in high school, and I have a coworker who also used to play. I keep meaning to put an ad out on Craigslist saying ‘Young lady seeks two gently used trombones,” but that probably wouldn’t result in anything good 🙂
    Seriously though, good for you getting back in the pool! I used to swim competitively as well and would love to get back into it.

  7. Swimming for me too! I was on a team as a kid and even did synchronized swimming. I picked up swimming again when I wanted to lose 110 pounds. It was the perfect exercise for me!

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