Coconut French Toast and Body Attack 75

I’m officially a dirtball.  At this very moment, I’m gearing up for today’s BodyJam class.  But here’s the dirty part: I still haven’t showered from last night’s workout.


Oh, Les, you know my body so well...

As you can see from my Garmin Connect report, it wasn’t just some easy-peasy workout, either.  I was a sweaty mess, my booty is sore, and I LOVED the new release!  However, at track four, a super plyometric-heavy track, my tummy started going nuts.  And that’s when I knew I had to GET OUTTA THERE! It felt like my body was a soda can about ready to explode.

So I booked it.

Moments later, as I was washing my hands, feeling so much better post-bathroom break, I raced back in to finish the tail end of the arm conditioning track. Walking burpees…. not my friend.

After getting home, whipping up a fantastic, cheesey, melty, eggplanty dinner (Save that for later), I realized that the next time I’d leave the house would be for another workout. So I washed my face, did a little mini-body wipedown, and said “Fuggetaboutit!”

Yup.  Next morning, still no shower.  But, at least there’s coconut french toast on the menu.

The cast and crew

My past experiences cooking with coconut oil have been kind of meh.  I realize now that it’s because I was cooking the wrong treats in that coconut oil. I bucked up, grabbed some coconut shreds, and said “Let’s DO THIS!”

Sizzling in coconutty goodness

When I scrambled together my egg batter, I used 2 EB eggs, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, AND sweetened coconut shreds (though it would’ve been just as tasty sans sweetened, I’m sure).  Also, next time, I think I’ll drop a little bit of almond extract in the mix, just for a flavor punch.

Didn’t matter, the coconut was the star of the show. And cooking in coconut oil WITH coconut shreds… can’t beat it.

A taste of the islands

There was coconuts in the batter, coconut shreds on top, chia seeds sprinkled for a nutritional boost, and LOTS of lite butter flavored syrup (it’s all I have left in the apartment!).  Good to the last bite.

Or, in my case, the last lick. Because I licked my plate clean, not unlike an animal.

At least animals don’t have to shower.

What’s your favorite sweet treat for breakfast?

Ryan’s a pancake man, through and through, but I’m ALL about french toast.  Somehow, though, I’m sure we’ll make it work.


9 thoughts on “Coconut French Toast and Body Attack 75

  1. Oh man, you are my stomach’s savior with this post. I am going to the World Beer Fest in Columbia in less than 2 hours and usually don’t eat breakfasty type foods in the morning, but I KNOW I need something hearty and carby on my belly before I go on a 4 hour booze crooze. Going to make French toast RIGHT NOWWWW.

  2. How do you like the Garmin Connect? Do you find that it gives you a pretty accurate reading of your non-running-outside workouts? And, go Heels! I’m a proud alum, too. 🙂

    • I love it, and I assume it’s accurate (though I guess there’s no way for me to check otherwise… I could try to wear multiple HRMs?) It’s great for recording all my workouts, and makes me feel accountable when I’m in a class!

  3. Lauren and I are the same way… She loves pancakes but I much prefer french toast. We sometimes have trouble ordering breakfast when we want to split dishes, but we somehow learn to deal.

    If calories/”health” were not concerns, I would love a breakfast combination of fresh berries, Cinnabons (plural, with extra frosting), Entenmanns cream cheese coffee cake, and chocolate croissants. Wow…. that’s an amazing visual.

  4. Your French toast looked AMAZING!!! Think my fav breakfast when I am not thinking about the consequences of the amount of fat and calories I’d consume would be a giant cinnamon roll or a raspberry filled powdered doughnut. Eh, what can I say? I’m a cheap date 😉

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