Spring: The Good, the Bad, and the (b)Ugly

Maybe it’s gorgeous weather we seem to be having (on every day except the weekend), or maybe it’s the ever-thicker layer of pollen on my car every morning, but it’s DEFINITELY springtime here in the Triangle!  Who knows, maybe soon I’ll be bringing back No-Pants Wednesday soon! But, in the meantime, I figured I’d mention a few of my favorite (and not so favorite) parts of spring.

Grilling weather, baby!

The Good: Ahhhh grilling season. Though my apartment complex doesn’t allow grills on our property, they have a few by the pool. And let’s face it: food on the grill tastes MUCH better than anything coming from my George Foreman.


The Bad: Hey, morning glory…. Shut up. I’m trying to sleep. Or cook. Or watch TV. Or read. And there you are, outside my window, yammering away like you’ve got something important to say. Unless you’re giving me tips on filling out a March Madness bracket, I don’t care.

So fresh and so green

The Good: Salad time! Salads, I think, are just meant for warm weather. And, come spring time, I just wanna throw away my “comfort foods” and chow down on piles of fresh veggies, black beans, salsa, and greens!  MMmmm.


The Bad: Just like their birdy friends, the bugs decide it’s time to play. I saw this little monster-sized spider outside of my office this morning.  My hand’s there for perspective, but I didn’t wanna get too close to it.  Attacks and all.

Color me excited!

The GREAT: Colorful outfits!! I know that some people rock out their colors all year-round, but I tend to don the darks during the winter months.  NO MORE!! Bring it on, sundresses. I’m ready for you.

My old nemesis

The Bad: Then again, with the sundresses inevitably comes the massive amounts of shaving that need to be dealt with on a more regular basis.  When the gams come out, so do the razors.
A small price to pay, right?

Sweet treat

THE BEST! Free Rita’s Italian Water Ice. Because if you grew up in Delaware or the Philly area (or both!) you know that the first day of spring means ONE THING: A Free Regular Water Ice from Rita’s! Luckily, few folks in NC know about this delight yet, so I didn’t have to battle high school gangs for my cup of tasty.

And if you call it Italian ice in front of me, try not to be too offended by my exaggerated eye roll.

Happy Spring, everyone!!

What’s your favorite “spring thing”?

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