Six Pack Sunday: Suicide Cereal and a Diamond in the Rough

Oh goodness, it’s been a long week. And a wet weekend. And I just rounded it out with a tasty egg, egg white, and veggie omelet which, after fried fish, fried french fries, and fried zucchini, makes me feel a little less like a lump on a log.  And, with the Tar Heels scheduled to play only moments after I witness the cinematic perfection that I assume  The Hunger Games will be, I’ve got a date with the treadmill to help in that same venture. But let’s focus on the task at hand.  Six Pack Sunday. Yeah, buddy.

1.  The Eleventh Plague

I know that the Ten Plagues of Egypt took place a long time ago and all, but maybe Pharaoh (of Durham) has been ticking the wrong people off, lately.  We have another plague on our hands.

Hey, little guy. Get the hell outta here.

The eleventh plague, made ENTIRELY of inchworms. And their godforsaken “webs” which are really just spider-like lines that fall from the skies and get in my hair.  Gross.  I’m ready for this plague to be over, thanks.

2. Suicide Soda Cereal

I don’t know about you all but, when we were little kids, my friends and I would always play the “Suicide Soda” game at soda fountains. Who’d be the one to drink the mixture of Sprite, Iced Tea, Root Beer, and Diet Coke? Which daredevil wants to add Mello Yello to the mix?  Well, with age, comes wisdom. The wisdom to know that this idea should apply to other things.  Things like cereal.

The perfect storm of cereal.

I took the tail end of a box of Erewhon (gluten free) crisp brown rice cereal, and added some mini boxes of tastiness to the bag, shook it up, and VOILA!! Suicide Cereal.  UNLIKE the fountain soda experiment, though, this combination only got better with each addition.  Especially the Oatmeal Squares.  If you have just a LITTLE bit of a bunch of cereal left, try this out! Feels like a brand new box.

3. You Might Be My Lucky Star

Morningstar, that is.

Hot cha cha!

So I nabbed myself some Morningstar Buffalo Wings Veggie Wings which were on major sale this week, after a HORRIBLE experience at Buffalo Wild Wings (note to self: never go there if you’re not eating chicken. Not many options.)

Luckily, my craving was satisfied above and beyond with these bad boys.  There was a great little spiciness to these wings, and while I didn’t think to myself ZOMG CHICKEN! when I ate them, I did think “Huh… I could nibble these for a while.”  You’re looking at about half a box worth of “wings” on this plate and, considering these were $3.33/box on sale this week, it’s basically a better deal than the Wendy’s Value Meal (I make that comparison because, let’s be honest, I spent a LOT of time there back in my day.)  If you’re going veggie, or just looking for something new to try with that “Buffalo” flavor, I’d recommend them.

4. Love for the Uggos

Awwww, poor little guys.

These are the ugly ducklings of the sweet potato family

These White Sweet Potatoes, while hideous, are apparently sweet as candy (THOUGH apparently have less health benefits than the orange ones.) Health be damned, though, I took pity and bought one.  I’ll report back with the taste but, I have to agree with the sign… they’re not pretty.

5. Some Like It Rough

Don't worry, just the right hand.

My apologies for the hideous “manicure” leftover from a rush-job painting for St. Patrick’s Day.  HOWEVER, I wanted to share my very first diamond! It’s a “rough diamond” so it hasn’t been cut or polished or fancy BUT I found a wondrous seller on Etsy who specializes in working with these rough diamonds, making rings and earrings and the like.  For the past month or so, I’ve been totally fixated on getting myself a Right Hand Ring.  Ever since those De Beers ads, I’ve wanted to “raise my right hand” with the successful women of the world.

Whatever you say, ad!

I’m an advertiser’s dream come true.  I love it, and haven’t taken it off yet.  It’s totally unique, totally beautiful, and TOTALLY mine.

6. Menchie’s in DURHAM!!

Melissa just sent me a text message with this picture:


I hope you don’t mind but, when a Menchie’s opens less than a mile from your door, you know where you’re going for dessert.

Have a great Sunday night, folks!!! I hope it’s full of froyo and blissfully lacking any inchworms.

Or I at least hope mine is.

13 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: Suicide Cereal and a Diamond in the Rough

  1. #2 – cereal mixes are the best. I never remember to do it but when I’m at my grand/parents’ houses I always love eating their fun combinations.

    #6 – soooo jealous of your Menchies! Does your location have popping boba?

  2. Love the ring, and I am jealous of your proximity to a new Menchie’s! A mile? Daaaamn. I’d be riding my bike there every freaking night!

  3. I have a bow ring made of diamonds that I love but I thought it was too much bling after I got married. three diamonds rings? that could be overboard, but I love the sentiment of a right hand diamond ring.

    Menchie’s…nice timing. Their loss.

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