Six Pack Sunday: Glows, Games, and Girls

Whoah. A Sunday not spent on the road (or on a plane, or checking in for a flight, or anything of that sort).  An easy Sunday where I didn’t set an alarm, I just woke up, at some stuff, watched some stuff, and (later) I’ll sit by the pool and stuff.  If I feel like it.

I don’t get many Sundays like this lately, so it’s essential to make the most of it.

Clearly, “making the most of it” translates to “writing a Six Pack Sunday” post.

1. Games (Well, really just one Game [of Thrones])

Halloween Costume this year?

I don’t have HBO at my apartment. I do, however, have internet, and a family that LOVES HBO, traditionally. THIS means that I have access to HBOGO. For some reason, this didn’t sink in (despite my hours spent watching junk on Netflix). But, since  I finished the Mad Men offerings on my go-to-streaming site, it was time for a change. And, fancy that, there’s a show running featuring dragons, kings and queens, lovers, warriors, sword fights, and magic. Basically, every single thing that I used to read about every day of my childhood/adolescence.  Terry Goodkind, Maggie Furey, Robert Jordan, Tolkien, Tamora Pierce….

Yup, I’m hooked.

2. Behold the Power of Precious

I love Jellyfish. We’ve covered this before, as I have them decking my home’s walls and counter tops.

On a second, unrelated note, I have no interest in having a child anytime in the near future.

But, let me share with you something that made my womb ache with the need to produce a little one, just so I could deck him/her in this glory:


Don’t worry, the squealing faded as my proximity to the onesie decreased.  But for a moment there, I contemplated stealing the nearest baby to raise as my own and dress in ONLY jellyfish gear.

Too much.

3. Ain’t No Party Like a Cheese Party…

….because a cheese party’s GOT CHEESE!

Let me explain.

As I’m leaving my company (and the state of North Carolina) at the end of June, they wanted to put together a little farewell dessert thing for me.  However, despite the occasional sweet tooth, dessert isn’t really my favorite thing.  But you know what is?


I requested advice from my various social networks for cheese recs, and have decided that a cheese plate is the ONLY way to bid me farewell.  I am happily welcoming any other cheese suggestions.  This Wensleydale with Cranberries came HIGHLY recommended from several sources, though. So it’s definitely going on the list.

4. Flower Power

well, almost a flower

This is an artichoke down to the last layers. And it is BEAUTIFUL!

More importantly, it’s a delicious, healthy treat.

For future reference for all my suitors and fans, in lieu of flowers, I will accept bouquets of artichokes.

5. Girls Gone… Something

I know I’m far behind but, as I mentioned above, I just found the joy of HBOGO.  This means, I just watched (all 4 episodes of) Girls.

I shared my thoughts with my buddy ClaireB already, but here they are for the rest of the world (and for posterity, I guess):

I HATE the lead (Hannah).  She’s like this deplorable character that reminds me of Betty Draper from Mad Men, who I also hate.  I was so proud of her speech to that guy, and then was like UGH you rat letting him touch you again, get that squirrel dick away from me.

I LOVE Shoshanna. She may be my favorite character.
I’m feeling the same way about Jessa as I did Juno (from Juno). I kind of like her, and then I feel uncomfortable with her talking to the dad of those kids.
Marnie, poor Marnie. I feel sad for her, b/c Charlie seems like such a tool, but a lovable tool, and I imagine that he’s hard to get rid of.  I’d like to see her character get more developed.
We’ll see how this series goes but… it’s promising.
6. It was all YELLOW!
I’m a big fan of being tan. However, when you work all day, travel on the weekends a lot, and generally don’t live at the beach (or tanning salon), it can be tough.  Enter an old friend:
Providing moisture to the skin as well as tint, Jergen’s Natural Glow is a girl’s best friend (you know, when she doesn’t have too many diamonds to her name).  However, there’s this little phase between totally pale and a happy “glow” that looks a LOT like jaundice.
Unfortunately, that’s the phase I’m in right now.
Time to rub more in my skin and pray people don’t think I have a liver condition…
What’s your FAVORITE cheese?
What would you want in a bouquet instead of flowers?

8 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: Glows, Games, and Girls

  1. Fine cheese > Desserts, I’m right there with ya… at least most of the time. I have recently started watching Game of Thrones. I like it, but I’m not as into it as I thought I would be. I guess my expectations were a little too high, though I am still enjoying it.

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