How I Won a New Belgium Cruiser: #EnjoytheRide

If you never enter, you’ll never win, right?


So it’s been my M.O. the past few years to enter… well, everything. And, with all those entries, I was bound to win something.  In this case, it was probably the best something of my entire life.


Yup, I won a custom New Belgium cruiser through New Belgium’s Enjoy the Ride campaign.  I’d use more exclamation points, but this happened quite some time ago and, for whatever reason, I never blogged about it.  Maybe I’ve just been too busy riding it.

It all started with a tweet. 140 characters (or less) to tell a story, using the hashtag #enjoytheride.  Here was mine:

with this picture attached:

Long time readers may recognize it from this post, following a long bike ride with my sister and mom on a perfect summer day.

Not too long after that tweet, I received an email asking me if I was old enough to legally enjoy craft beer (I am) and if I lived in a place where New Belgium distributed (luckily, I hadn’t moved to Pennsylvania yet, so as an NC resident, I did!)  After that, it wasn’t too long until a giant box of bike parts showed up at my door (well, my apartment complex’s office door, it was too big to drop at my personal door.)

Since this special bike required a special bike shop to put it together, I toted it up to New Jersey with me and hit up Margate Bike and Beach Shop, where the fellows were both excited to put the bike together and enamored with my new wheels.  I was also enamored. Here’s a shot of me when I first got the beautiful finished product:

Pure, unadulterated rapture

And, just to make it official, I decided to recreate the original photo.

Then and Now!

A HUGE thanks to New Belgium for seeing something in a young lady’s tweet nice enough to reward her. I can’t stop riding it up and down the boardwalk, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best looking bike in Jersey.

23 thoughts on “How I Won a New Belgium Cruiser: #EnjoytheRide

  1. Hey! You just started following me on twitter so I came to check out your site. Congratulations on moving to our city!
    That is a sweet bike to win. Long live cruisers. Lucky you!

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