Sup, “SUP”? Stand Up Paddleboarding!

This truly is the Summer of Joj (not to be confused with the Summer of George, which is an entirely different beast.)

I’ve traveled to Costa Rica, Florida, NYC, and (exotic) North Jersey, I’ve spent oodles of time at the shore, I’ve been hanging with my family (especially my little brother and sister!) AND I’ve had some QT with the beau. I also just signed my lease to my new apartment in Philly and will be moving this weekend!

Within this jam-packed summer, I’ve also been lucky enough to have some solid time to myself. I don’t know about y’all, but I personally need a little alone time every now and then, especially after living alone for a year, and then jumping into my family household with at least two siblings at all times, my parents, my dogs, AND a box turtle (he’s a real chatterbox).

Yesterday, I decided to really take some “me time” and cash in a Living Social deal I’d been holding onto for a while.  I boogied from OC over to the (not-so-scenic) West Atlantic City until I found Extreme Windsurfing, home of my stand up paddle boarding adventure!

One of these bad boys was MINE! At least for the day.

Lakes Bay was pulling out all the stops for me

The day was perfect, no real wind, sunny without being blinding, and, since it was a Tuesday, the bay wasn’t crowded.  According to Jim, the master of Extreme Windsurfing, this was the perfect day to try Stand Up Paddleboarding (a.k.a. SUP)!

He was running a little late, so I had some time to explore.

I’d hate to see the lifeguard who was in charge of this shack!

My pink hair matches the pink deck!

I was given a brief introduction on how to stand up, how to balance, turn, and kneel. After my less than successful TERRIFYING rafting experience, I was worried that my lack of balance was going to doom me but, before I knew it, I was up and paddling like a champ!

I had an hour alone, and the entire Lakes Bay was my oyster, so I paddled and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I made challenges for myself

  • “See how fast you can paddle around that buoy!”
  • “Weave between those two flags!”
  • “Scare that bird away!” -This was the easiest, by far.

And, by the time I was done, I was hungry, my arms were tired, and I was grinning from ear to ear.

Such a Champ!

If you’re even thinking of trying SUP, DO IT! It’s a blast alone, it’s a solid workout if you want, or relaxing if you’re into it. I bet it’d be a blast with a group, too, or as a perfect summer date. I hope I can try it again in the not-too-distant future.

Big thanks to Jim at Extreme Windsurfing for snagging some pretty awesome shots, and for being such a cool guy.

Victory is Mine!

With move-in this weekend, the summer of Joj continues! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings…. and I think I’ve got a little Friday Funday brewing.

How do you enjoy “me time”?

Are you happier surrounded by folks, or more of a one (wo)man wolf pack?

I like a little of both.



6 thoughts on “Sup, “SUP”? Stand Up Paddleboarding!

  1. I’d love to try SUP! I’m a mix of the two as well. I love being around people, especially my close friends and fam, but also appreciate the alone time. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy living on my own. 🙂

  2. This looks like so much fun! I’ve been seeing more & more of it lately & it’s definitely something I’d like to try. I with you, I need me time just as much as I need together time. Now that the hubby is back home all the time, I’ve had to “schedule” me time, as it’s not all day every day anymore. A-okay by me though so long as we get to snuggle every night! 😉

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