Protein WHAT NOW?!

Just a quick post, because I can’t stop thinking about this:

Must we jam ALL of our meals/dishes with protein powder? Smoothies, pancakes, muffins, cupcakes, frosting?

Mac and cheese? Jello? Burgers? (Ok, these are a little wacky and I haven’t really seen them pop up on blogs too often… but ew.)

Pardon my abbreviation, but WTF?!

I understand it’s important…. but come on.

PSA: Not EVERY food you make/eat must be jammed full of protein powder in order to fit protein into your diet.

(And, I know, for some people, it’s tough to get protein in their diet otherwise. And more power to you for making the effort. But the idea of some of these recipes…. revolting.)

9 thoughts on “Protein WHAT NOW?!

  1. lol ewwwww the one that grossed me out the most – mixing protein powder and water to use as milk for your cereal. vom. i use powder pretty much exclusively in shakes/smoothies and sometimes muffins but try to limit myself to no more than 1 scoop a day. there are plenty of ways to get protein from whole foods, at least in my book.

  2. Ugh, I think wordpress just ate my comment…

    OHMIGOD, Yes! I could not agree more!

    It’s even more obnoxious when people add protein powder to things like cookies or brownies and then talk about the cookie like it’s now a health food because you added protein to it. No, just no!

  3. I totally agree! I’m actually planning a post in the same vein… I would much rather get my protein from nut butters, fish, veggies…. than protein powder. It makes everything taste nasty. I might throw a scoop in a smoothie now and again, and sometimes I make pancakes with it- but even then, I would much prefer to get the protein in protein pancakes from good ol’ cottage cheese 🙂

  4. Ummm could NOT agree more with this… protein powder doesn’t even taste that good… I’ve been veg for a long time now and if I worry about getting enough protein, I eat more eggs, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, veggie burgers etc! Heck, even a cup of spinach has a gram of protein. Rest assured that Lauren and my cupcakes will always be fully (and perfectly) decadent and not filled with protein powder!

  5. I put protein powder in my morning oatmeal (yeah, I have oatmeal in the morning) but would NEVER bake with it. Some things are sacred, and one of those things is cookies. I like to think that every time somebody makes a “protein cookie” or “protein brownie” God kills a kitten. *disclaimer: if said protein is from BACON then previous statement is void.

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