Protein WHAT NOW?!

Just a quick post, because I can’t stop thinking about this:

Must we jam ALL of our meals/dishes with protein powder? Smoothies, pancakes, muffins, cupcakes, frosting?

Mac and cheese? Jello? Burgers? (Ok, these are a little wacky and I haven’t really seen them pop up on blogs too often… but ew.)

Pardon my abbreviation, but WTF?!

I understand it’s important…. but come on.

PSA: Not EVERY food you make/eat must be jammed full of protein powder in order to fit protein into your diet.

(And, I know, for some people, it’s tough to get protein in their diet otherwise. And more power to you for making the effort. But the idea of some of these recipes…. revolting.)

9 thoughts on “Protein WHAT NOW?!

  1. lol ewwwww the one that grossed me out the most – mixing protein powder and water to use as milk for your cereal. vom. i use powder pretty much exclusively in shakes/smoothies and sometimes muffins but try to limit myself to no more than 1 scoop a day. there are plenty of ways to get protein from whole foods, at least in my book.

  2. Ugh, I think wordpress just ate my comment…

    OHMIGOD, Yes! I could not agree more!

    It’s even more obnoxious when people add protein powder to things like cookies or brownies and then talk about the cookie like it’s now a health food because you added protein to it. No, just no!

  3. I totally agree! I’m actually planning a post in the same vein… I would much rather get my protein from nut butters, fish, veggies…. than protein powder. It makes everything taste nasty. I might throw a scoop in a smoothie now and again, and sometimes I make pancakes with it- but even then, I would much prefer to get the protein in protein pancakes from good ol’ cottage cheese ūüôā

  4. Ummm could NOT agree more with this… protein powder doesn’t even taste that good… I’ve been veg for a long time now and if I worry about getting enough protein, I eat more eggs, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, veggie burgers etc! Heck, even a cup of spinach has a gram of protein. Rest assured that Lauren and my cupcakes will always be fully (and perfectly) decadent and not filled with protein powder!

  5. I put protein powder in my morning oatmeal (yeah, I have oatmeal in the morning) but would NEVER bake with it. Some things are sacred, and one of those things is cookies. I like to think that every time somebody makes a “protein cookie” or “protein brownie” God kills a kitten. *disclaimer: if said protein is from BACON then previous statement is void.

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