True Life: Game of Thrones is Dominating My Life

If summer is not for spending hours on the beach (reading Game of Thrones), curling up nice and cozy on the couch in the air conditioning (watching Game of Thrones), texting boys (about Game of Thrones), and gossiping with your girlfriends (over who the most attractive Game of Thrones characters are), then what is summer all about?

I’ve lost all motivation to do just about anything else.

Reading blogs?


Roose Bolton

Research writing?


Red Wedding.

Tanning Jaunts?

Tyrion_slaps_Joffrey-1Tyrion vs. Joffrey


Ha, more like…


Quizzo? Yawn. How about…




Answer my cell?

tumblr_mnofgp9rcy1rwe2ero1_250Arya MOTHERFLIPPING Stark

Hair drying?


I’m sorry, folks. I promise I’ll stop geeking out. Well, in like…. 2,500 more pages.

Yes, quite the summer ahead of me.





2 thoughts on “True Life: Game of Thrones is Dominating My Life

  1. I’m trying not to go down the GoT rabbit hole yet. I saw most of the second season and loved it and I know once I start I will be doomed. DOOMED. Unrelated, ARE YOU GOING TO VICTORY’S LADY BEER PAIRING??? 😉

  2. What a great show, and I’ve heard the books are even better. GRRM just loves killing fan favorite characters. And you’re still on topic, after all the second Game of Thrones beer from Ommegang is due out in the fall. Cheers!

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