A Dogfish Head Holiday

Here’s a fun fact: despite eating, drinking, and breathing Philadelphia, I was actually born in Delaware. The “Small Wonder” is known for a few things (other than where I came into this world):

Now, I’m a big Dogfish Head fan. Founder (and James Beard Award-Winning) Sam Calagione is pretty much a rockstar in the craft beer world, and I get a little giddy on those lucky occasions I get to rub elbows with him.


Philly Beer Week: Bringing Beer Buddies Together!

But last summer I had the chance to do something I’d actually never done before: Visit and explore the home of Dogfish Head AND stay in the historic Dogfish Inn.

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Just over two hours from Philadelphia is the coastal Delaware town, Lewes, that’s home to the Dogfish Inn. The Inn is about 11 miles from the brewery in Milton  and 6 miles from the Brewpub. Perfectly nestled for an epic beer-themed weekend getaway!

Our room was ADORABLE, with a large bed and a cozy little desk area (everything is available to purchase, but the growler was complimentary, perfect for taking on a brewery tour and filling up with the good stuff!)


Beach chairs for the nearby sandy shores, and a tote bag I still covet

While the thin walls of this charming spot made for some semi-sleepless nights, the kitsch and vibes were so stellar, it was easy to forget. BONUS: Who needs sleep when you can mainline Chicory Stout Coffee in the little lobby-visitor center?

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While we planned our own little tour of the area, and drove ourselves from place to place (don’t worry, we waited until we got back to our room before we enjoyed our growler’s contents), you could always let the DFH team plan your weekend for you, with some pretty epic Packages (from brewery tours & swag to a honeymoon getaway!)

Other bonuses?

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Access to the elite fleet of Dogfish Head’s beach cruisers AND a wonderful little fire pit that fills up with like-minded, beer-loving guests at night!

Now, to answer a few questions I’ve had since my stay:

  • The rooms can range from $209-$349, or potentially more during the weekends. I was lucky enough to WIN a two-night stay during the off-season (mid-September) but it could definitely be a splurge for some.
  • There’s ZERO beer sold on-site. Luckily, there are restaurants and shops nearby so you can stock up on all your DFH beer needs!
  • Yes, there’s beer soap in the showers. Yes, it’s amazing. Yup, I took the remainder of the soap block home with me.

Next time you’re thinking of a beachy weekend (or playing hooky, lots more availability during the weekdays), and wanna soak up some brews and seaside views, consider the Dogfish Head Inn. And then head over to Milton to stock up on all the beers, spirits, and swag you can get your hands on!

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 3.17.58 PM.png

Beer-loving Babes!

Cheers to vacations fueled by beers!

The Top 5 Things You May Have Missed at the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show is a tradition like no other. Every year, right at the tail end of a dreary winter, the Philadelphia Convention Center transforms into a taste of spring with millions of blossoms (okay, I don’t know if it’s actually millions, but the entrance bridge had over 30,000 so I’m ballparking).


Bulbs and Bulbs – GET IT?!

This year’s theme was “Holland: Flowering the World” and, no surprise, the show had Philadelphians and out-of-towners alike tip-toeing through the tulips for nine straight days. And though a “snowstorm” did make for a bit of a hiccup on day 4, the Philly Flower Show went on without a hitch.

I’ve been to the PHS Flower Show before. once during grad school and once on a pretty ridiculous date sponsored by Yards Brewery (long story, but click away if you’re curious.) But every year I go, I find something new to love. This year was no different. So yes: there was the epic flower bridge at the entrance… but some of the bits and pieces that were my favorite, a lot of my friends missed. SO here you have it:

The Top 5 Things You Might Have Missed at the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show

  1. PEDALS: The White Bike Plan

    While you may not have MISSED this exhibit, it is possible you didn’t realize exactly why there was a huge exhibit all about white bicycles in the middle of the show. Turns out, it was an ode to Witte Fietsenplan (translation: The White Bicycle Plan). This was actually part of a Dutch counter-culture movement from the 1960s called Provo, and  one of the very first bike-sharing plans in the world! We’re all newly spoiled with Philly’s Indego, turns out Amsterdam had the idea over 50 years ago!

  2. Open Bar


    Let the St. Germain flow!

    Truth be told, I learned this little gem from a fellow student during my income-light grad school years. Never underestimate the ability of a grad student to find free (or deeply discounted) drinks. If you’re looking to channel your inner bee and go through the Flower Show with a buzz, the folks at Fine Wine and Spirits are ready to pour you an endless array of samples from 2pm-7pm.

    Seriously. It’s the ultimate pregame.

  3. The Philly Belle

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    Well, if you missed this flower, you missed something pretty special. This gorgeous, unique tulip is named the Philly Belle, and is a one-of-a-kind tulip bred specifically by Remarkable Tulips for the show. I recognize that geeking out over a flower is not something I’d normally do, but this vibrant, fringed tulip was like nothing I’d ever seen.

  4. The Design Gallery

    Yup, that is a flower.

    I really don’t know much about gardening. I have kept an air plant alive since I moved to Philly nearly 5 years ago, and that is what I consider my greatest green-thumb feat to-date. That said, the Design Gallery is probably the most impressive portion of the Flower Show to me. The things people are able to make with plants, seeds, flowers… from jewelry to sculptures to miniature scenes, it’s insane.

  5. Butterflies! Loads of ’em


    This could’ve been you, but you were playing (Image courtesy of PHS Flower Show)

    Did you see the 1,000+ butterflies floating around at the Philly Flower Show? Probably not, unless you strolled out of the main expo hall and over to Butterflies LIVE!. Just imagine… hundreds of butterflies flitting around, landing on you, giving sweet butterfly kisses to your face because they think maybe you’re a flower. It cost $5 and yes, there was a line.  But if you’ve never had a chance to be a butterfly landing pad…. just saying.

What was your favorite part about this year’s show? Did I miss anything spectacular?!

Six Pack Someday: Tropical Storm Debby Does Destin

What day is it?  What time zone? Wait…. where am I?

Ah. Ok. It’s Friday, 4:51 pm EST and I’m (blissfully) in Ocean City, NJ, my favorite place on the planet. And after scampering from Costa Rica to Pennsylvania (for a quick nap) then to Durham for a hot second (or four days), I headed even further South for a little vacation with the beau and his family. Though we’ve been dating for over four years, I have just recently met a number of Ryan’s relatives (who reside in exotic Texas, thus mostly out of my regular travel grasp) in Destin, Florida. And Tropical Storm Debby had the NERVE to join me on my vacation.  Luckily, she migrated after a little more than a day, so I still nabbed my fair share of sun and sand (too much on my backside I think…. I’m basically the Coppertone Girl right now.)

Sweet Booty Burn, right?

ANYWHO, I know it’s not Sunday. But since, when you’re funemployed, days don’t make any sense (and I haven’t produced a Six Pack Sunday in AGES), let’s bring it back for old time’s sake.

1. Tiny Baby Plane

Perhaps you’ve flown US Airways…. But have you EVER had the pleasure of flying US Airways Express?  Because (and correct me if I’m wrong), I’m pretty sure they’re the same airline, only they use toy airplanes meant for children to play with instead of real airplanes to get passengers from one destination to the next.

Here’s an awesome shot of my head pressed against the ceiling (roof?) as I uncomfortably await my deplaning.


Normally, being 6’1″ is the JAM. In the case of the tiny airplanes… less so.

2. Debby’s Demise

Double the rainbow, double my joy

Only rainbows after rain, right?

Take that, Debby.

3. The Donut Hole Diet

The Donut Hole is a quaint little spot (or two, I think I saw a second location) in Destin, Florida that’s known for donuts and serving breakfast foods well into the evening.  But I think what I’ll remember best about it was their “Diet” Plate.

Healthy, yes?

Luckily, I went with a much healthier option.  Giant slices of homemade french toast filled with walnuts, raisins, and drowned in syrup.

Much better.

4. Polish Party

When there are rainy days at the beach, there’s not much to do.

Mojito Madness by Essie!

We may all have had the same color polish on by the end of that first day. Lucky the storm didn’t last much longer, or the boys may have gotten pedis.  And maybe the puppy.

5. The Ultimate Spot for a Hermit

Ah, oysters, ambrosia of the sea.  And, apparently, a not-so-great spot for a Hermit Crab to try and make a home.


That’s right, we found this little nugget inside of an oyster we got during Happy Hour at Mitchell’s Seafood Market. Luckily, it was spotted BEFORE anyone swallowed it.  Apparently this hermit wanted the ultimate getaway.

RIP Hermie.

6. Do Not Adjust the Settings on Your Computer 

Is that our love burning, or just our skin?

Both Ryan and I ended up about the shade of your run-of-the-mill boiled lobster.  That Florida sun is no joke.

And now, here I am. Another beach, only this one’s the shore.

It’s good to be home.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever found in your food?

Hermit crab TOPS the list, hands down.

iCosta Rica: Scenes from My Phone

Since I am still working on editing the big-girl camera pictures from my trip, I figured I’d share a few choice shots from my phone with a brief intro to my Costa Rica adventure!!

From Top Right, Clockwise:

  1. Quick stop at Flying Monkey Bakery for some Whoopie (pies!) with Ryan before nabbing Rach at the Greyhound station.
  2. I wish I could just dive into these.
  3. 3:30 a.m. calls for breakfast. Mimosas and Banans, anyone?
  4. My sleepy traveling partner…. If Rachel could’ve slept 70% of the next 5 days, she would’ve been a happy camper.

From Top Left, Clockwise:

  1. Remember when I had to make that decision? Now, I just breezed by both. I had bigger fish to fry.
  2. Oh, neat, my first meal in Costa Rica. Yup, it was in a mall food court.  A solidly Americanized food court. Delicioso?
  3. Learning Spanish!

Scenes from our home, the GORGEOUS Casa Luna Hotel & Spa

From Top Left, Clockwise:

  1. Clear shot of the Arenal Volcano from our balcony
  2. Are you an orchid? I hope so.
  3. The birdies left the nest!
  4. Who pulled the clouds down?

From Top Left, Clockwise:

  1. Breakfast, EVERY DAY! Rice, beans, eggs, salami, pineapple, granola, toast, joy.
  2. The absolute perfect avocado Rachel and I enjoyed for lunch.
  3. Casado: Rice, beans, protein, etc. The etc included treats like plantains, eggs, corn, salad, tortillas, papaya root, or anything!

From Top, Clockwise:

  1. Fried plantains. I want you all the time.
  2. A tasty little present all wrapped up! Tamale, anyone?
  3. Nachos. Heavy on the avocado.

 A bevy of bevvies!

From Top, Clockwise:

  1. Cerveza! Imperial. Not my favorite beer. But still tasty.
  2. Best sangria of my life, courtesy of Lava Lounge. I probably drank about 2 pitchers of this over the course of our stay!
  3. Whiskey for my friends, ridiculously girl star fruit cocktails for MOI!

Sometimes, things were hilarious.

From Left, Clockwise:

  1. Important souvenir I forgot to get.  Sorry, everyone. I owe you a gift.
  2. QUICK! PUT EVERYTHING AMERICANS LIKE ON A SIGN!! That’ll trick them into coming in.
    Dude, I don’t know if burgers are Italian food.
  3. Second Drink Down: Who wouldn’t be proud to order a Self Pleasure?

Much more to come….