iCosta Rica: Scenes from My Phone

Since I am still working on editing the big-girl camera pictures from my trip, I figured I’d share a few choice shots from my phone with a brief intro to my Costa Rica adventure!!

From Top Right, Clockwise:

  1. Quick stop at Flying Monkey Bakery for some Whoopie (pies!) with Ryan before nabbing Rach at the Greyhound station.
  2. I wish I could just dive into these.
  3. 3:30 a.m. calls for breakfast. Mimosas and Banans, anyone?
  4. My sleepy traveling partner…. If Rachel could’ve slept 70% of the next 5 days, she would’ve been a happy camper.

From Top Left, Clockwise:

  1. Remember when I had to make that decision? Now, I just breezed by both. I had bigger fish to fry.
  2. Oh, neat, my first meal in Costa Rica. Yup, it was in a mall food court.  A solidly Americanized food court. Delicioso?
  3. Learning Spanish!

Scenes from our home, the GORGEOUS Casa Luna Hotel & Spa

From Top Left, Clockwise:

  1. Clear shot of the Arenal Volcano from our balcony
  2. Are you an orchid? I hope so.
  3. The birdies left the nest!
  4. Who pulled the clouds down?

From Top Left, Clockwise:

  1. Breakfast, EVERY DAY! Rice, beans, eggs, salami, pineapple, granola, toast, joy.
  2. The absolute perfect avocado Rachel and I enjoyed for lunch.
  3. Casado: Rice, beans, protein, etc. The etc included treats like plantains, eggs, corn, salad, tortillas, papaya root, or anything!

From Top, Clockwise:

  1. Fried plantains. I want you all the time.
  2. A tasty little present all wrapped up! Tamale, anyone?
  3. Nachos. Heavy on the avocado.

 A bevy of bevvies!

From Top, Clockwise:

  1. Cerveza! Imperial. Not my favorite beer. But still tasty.
  2. Best sangria of my life, courtesy of Lava Lounge. I probably drank about 2 pitchers of this over the course of our stay!
  3. Whiskey for my friends, ridiculously girl star fruit cocktails for MOI!

Sometimes, things were hilarious.

From Left, Clockwise:

  1. Important souvenir I forgot to get.  Sorry, everyone. I owe you a gift.
  2. QUICK! PUT EVERYTHING AMERICANS LIKE ON A SIGN!! That’ll trick them into coming in.
    Dude, I don’t know if burgers are Italian food.
  3. Second Drink Down: Who wouldn’t be proud to order a Self Pleasure?

Much more to come….


23 thoughts on “iCosta Rica: Scenes from My Phone

  1. Hi! Can we seriously be bffs? I tried to comment on your initial moving to Philly post, but was afraid to commit to the whole log in procedure. The ridiculous thing is that I just went to Costa Rica a the end of May and I am dying to get someone else’s opinion on it! Maybe not so ridiculous, but still great. Shoot me an email when you move to center city and let’s get a delicious beer (or two) when you get to town!

  2. I am dying of jealousy!! and I can’t believe you went to the place that I had the best sangria of my life too!!! I want to go back just for their sangria!! My friend and I loved it so much we asked the bar tender for the recipe!!

  3. I. Am. So. Jealous. And I also want Sangria now. But I don’t have the fixin’s. Thanks a lot. 😉

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