Bridesmaid Help!!

Happy Hump Day, y’all!!

The days are going very productive lately. They have to be when you have a short week, right?

  • Cranked out a good lesson at work (I develop lessons!)
  • Car’s at the shop getting oil changed and tires rotated
  • Laid out in the sun yesterday
  • Killer zumba yesterday, AbSculpt + BodyPump planned for today
  • Scheduled an eyebrow wax for tomorrow after work/before glass night!

On the agenda tonight (after working out):

Since that will pretty much take up my whole evening, I figured I’m going to send out a call to arms (aka the blogosphere!) since y’all were so helpful with my first post about how to be a good bridesmaid!

The plan, on the day of the wedding (aka SATURDAY AHHH!) is, after we get all dolled up, to ride around in a trolley through Pittsburgh and take pictures as a whole wedding party.  The trolley is BYOB so here’s my question:

What kind of B should I B?? Translation: What kind of booze shall we bring on this trolley?  Obviously nothing red so that rules out red wine. 

Merlot? More like Mer-NO!

Some possibilities: white wine, champagne (wooo!), and (how could we forget?) craft beer.

Any other recommendations?  It’s going to be hot, it’s going to be sweaty, and so that should be taken into account.  Let me know if you’ve got any ideas!

In other news, lunch was delicious.

An ol' standby

Tuna sammy on a toasted sandwich thin with some lettuce for crunch, sugar-free jello cup, and steamed veggies with a heaping glass of water!

Very tasty, very healthy, and very filling.  Now it’s time to get back to work!

Can’t wait to hear your advice!!

10 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Help!!

  1. I’ve just found your blog via your comment at Meals & Miles earlier today, and WOW – I love it! You’re hilarious!
    My advice on what to bring on the trolley – champagne is great, those little mini-bottles of wine work well and have CAPS so you can close them in between sips, and don’t forget lots of bottled water. I’m guessing that at least one dude in the groom’s party will bring a flask of hard booze, so don’t worry about that aspect, lol! Salty snacks may be a good idea as well, mini pretzels are always a hit.

    • Ahhhh salty snacks!! That’s DEFINITELY going on the shopping list!! Wow, in the hullabaloo regarding drinks, never even thought about snacks, but you are wise.

      Thanks for checking me out! Love to make folks laugh, even better if I can do it via the little blog.

  2. Don’t pick anything tooooo sweet… I’d go with a pick your own 6 pack + some water…. it’s always easier to pace on beers + it will be easy to stay composed for the trolley pics…

    Or I think vodka + flavored carbonated water are pretty good together for hot days

    Good luck getting it all done!

    • Ahhhh all this advice is better than I even expected. I think that’s the ticket I need: A pick 6 pack! That way, I can have variety, I’ll get a mix of what slows me down or what I just love throwing back, add some bottled water and I’m golden.

      THanks for the luck, I’m gonna need it!

  3. Beer in cans! That way they are smaller (easy to carry), lighter, and you don’t have to carry a bottle opener. There are so many good canned craft beer options now!

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  5. Bring something to mix with and something to drink on your own…. A six pack of all your favs, different ones to add some fun and it also helps keep count. ….and WATER to keep you hydrated, you don’t want to get sick; take a look at my honeymoon from h-e-doulble hockey sticks. Coffee + alcohol, the reason I got so sick.
    HAVE FUN!!!! 🙂

  6. Everyone will bring champagne I think BM wise, so beer is an excellent choice! Plus champagne goes strait to your head, well my head anyways, beer is more steady and usually better tasting imho. HAVE FUN!

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