Shiny Happy Person

Good evening, y’all!

Today was just one of those days.

You know the ones...

The kind of day where it seemed like everyone was a little bit on edge. Where my mind felt like it was going a mile a minute (and none of those miles were in the right direction). The kind of day where a little bit of annoyance goes a long way.  I’d been waiting anxiously for this darned cable to come in via Best Buy delivery (as I’d ordered it on sale, and just wanted my darn TV to do something.)

When I ventured after work, I was sort of in grouchy spirits already, but when the guy couldn’t find my cable, I went from irritated to straight rage.

No, not stage, rage. GET IN THE GAME, JORDAN!

After pacing back and forth in the tiny roped off waiting area, the fellow comes out with a refurbished cable, which I really didn’t think was what I ordered. But it was very cheap, it looked good, and I have heard success stories with friends who purchased refurbished goods from BB. So whatever, I sucked it up. I left Best Buy with my grouchy pants on (which is a sacrilege in and of itself, as it’s no pants Wednesday!)

I got home, wolfed about an half a (Family Size) box of reduced fat Wheat Thins (what’s your anti-drug?) and set up the TV. Man, if this bad boy didn’t work, the day would have gone to hell.

But wait.


Not the best picture, but wanted to brag about what I was watching, clearly.

I felt pretty great about the fact that I’d hooked up my TV totally on my own (well…. really, I just matched two HDMI cables where they needed to go) but couldn’t help but feel a lot like Billy Madison when he rocked that spelling bee by spelling C-O-U-C-H.


After that, I was feeling in the zone. I had another adversary to face. Jillian Michaels and the 7th of her 30 Days of Shredding. PS thanks so much for all your support re: my shedding and Weight Watchers plan!! I feel even more steeled in my resolve to rock out this plan and look like a super glam rockstar at my cousin’s wedding.

Girls don't sweat, we glisten. Ok, that's a lie. I sweat a LOT!

Afterwards, I felt like I was on cloud nine. I instantly became one of those shiny happy people that you HATE seeing in the gym. Only, lucky for me, I was in my apartment, so I hoarded all that shininess to myself. Oh, and the internet.

I rewarded myself with a delicious dinner, featuring the last of that Mellow Mushroom free pizza!

'za, quinoa, all FREE!

I’m still riding that birthday freebie train, only these freebies were courtesy of swag and random Facebook signups. The best food, IMHO, is ALWAYS the free kind. It just tastes that much better.

Well, I’m off to ride this shiny happy wave into the rest of the night, hitting the sack early for the sake of an early day at work. And, hopefully, a much shinier day.

What can turn your mood right around?

5 thoughts on “Shiny Happy Person

    • I will have to get my hands on it. A Rickards porter would be intniestreg. I think that, for a macro, even their poor stuff is good-ish. It’s drinkable at least. It’s, like Sleemans, a good introduction to better beers for a newb, and at least a passable drink for those with more refined palettes. I didn’t mind the honey brown. But if the dark is better, then it’s worth it. The white is nice.

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