Live Tweeting: 30 Day Shred – Level 1

Oh my goodness.

I’m 80% sure I’m about to die.

After 10 days of the 30 Day Shred – Level 1, I was feeling pretty badass.  Then…. Level 2. I’m floored with the difference between the two.  As I mentioned, I’m shredding for the wedding (of my cousin)  so it’s a pretty big deal.

Deep breaths. (click for source)

I’ve been waiting to write this post since Day 1, Level 1.  Every day that I meet with my girls, Jillian, Anita, and Natalie, I have a little conversation. Sure, it’s mostly one sided. But I wanted to share it with you all. Since the fun times at the Healthy Living Summit, when I realized the joy of live tweeting from a conference, I’ve thought about how I could share that fun with each person that reads my blog.  Here’s my chance.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

Live Tweeting: 30 Day Shred – Level 1

The cast?

Jillian: Mistress of Shedding

Twitter Handle: Jshred

“Take It Easy” Anita

Twitter handle: EasyA

“Billy Badass” Natalie

Twitter handle: NatDawg

Jordan “Can these be my handweights?” Price

Twitter handle: foodsweatnbeers

Let us begin:

foodsweatnbeers: oh, neat, ok, we’re just strolling in here, all relaxed. This shouldn’t be too bad.

foodsweatnbeers: Hey Jillian, thanks for introducing yourself….

foodsweatnbeers: I hate that she calls these women “my two best girls.” I’m already sick of her voice.

Jshred: Well, they are my best girls.  AREN’T YOU, LADIES?

Natdawg: Yeah, J. We’re your best girls.

EasyA: #terrrified

foodsweatnbeers: I’m probably tough enough to follow @Natdawg. I got this. Warmup time!

Jshred: Big Movement. Don’t be static.

EasyA: I’d like to take this time to let everyone know that I will spend the next 20 mins flexing my abs.

Flexing is FUN! (click for source)

foodsweatnbeers: Great. Thanks, Anita.

EasyA: I’ll also be more flexible than you, Jillian, and Natalie. K?

foodsweatnbeers: w/e. I’m trying to windmill over here.

Jshred: I just don’t want anyone to get injured. That’s why we’ll be doing infinite jumping jacks.

foodsweatnbeers: sure. that makes sense. you’re approximately a doctor.  Hip circles always remind me of spongebob.

Bring it arounnnnnd town. (click for source)


foodsweatnbeers: oh no. Pushups. Just try to do at least 8 with Natalie.

EasyA: What’s that supposed to mean?

NatDawg: Get on my level.

foodsweatnbeers: I’m pretty sure I could squat forever. Those pushups were tough but I think I feel good about this.

NatDawg: Well, if you’re so tough: Get. On. My. Level. Literally.

foodsweatnbeers: Can’t squat that low. Bad knees. #sorryimnotsorry

Jshred: pushup time, b*tches.

foodsweatnbeers: (after 2 toe pushups) I HAVE NO ARMS! THEY’RE FALLING OFF RIGHT NOW!

JShred: Just don’t phone this in, Jordan.

foodsweatnbeers: Wait. Was that an option? Is there a number I can call?

EasyA: Squats are fun when you don’t do them!

foodsweatnbeers: 2 minutes of cardio? I do BodyAttack on the regular. What is this, a joke?

(after 30 more jumping jacks and half a minute of jump rope)

foodsweatnbeers: What was I thinking?! I HAVE NO FITNESS! Hey, @NatDawg, have you ever really jumproped in your life?

NatDawg: Nope. I just assume that it requires you to swing your arms around uncontrollably, right?

Is this jumproping?

foodsweatnbeers: #panting

Jshred: (Some sort of inspiration BS. At this point, I’ve stopped listening.)

foodsweatnbeers: Ab time. Basic crunches. Woo!

EasyA: HEY! Everyone! Come see how good I look!! Do you like my ribs?

foodsweatnbeers: (under my breath) Definitely not.

NatDawg: Some of us are focusing on exercise, not belly baring shirts, Anita.

EasyA: Wait. So you don’t like my ribs?

JShred: Circuit 2! Grab those weights!

foodsweatnbeers: Oooh neat, a row. so glad this isn’t a pushup.

JShred: What I really like is that no one is phoning this in.

foodsweatnbeers: You’re saying it again. #nonsensicalphrases

Jshred: I’d like everyone to look at how tough Natalie is. She goes deep and lunges hard. AIM TO BE @NATDAWG!

foodsweatnbeers: Hey! @NatDawg! I SAW THAT!! BUSTED!

****REAL TALK: Everyone, in circuit two, after Jillian just spends a minute bragging about her prodigy, Natalie, they pan over to Anita. Natalie takes this time to NOT LUNGE! When I saw this, I had a rage blackout. 


NatDawg, you’re just as weak as the rest of us.****

foodsweatnbeers: @EasyA, are you flexing right now?

EasyA: (through gritted teeth) No….. er… my abs always look like this.

foodsweatnbeers: oh. Must be nice.

NatDawg: When I grin like this, do I look like a possessed lunatic?

Demon or workout inspiration? Now you don’t have to choose.

All: No… definitely not. It’s…. cute. #sarcasm

foodsweatnbeers: (mentally) I wonder what kinds of faces Jillian makes when she’s having sex. If they’re anything like this…. #poorsexpartners

You like that? (click for source)

Jshred: Are you thinking and not doing butt kicks?!

foodsweatnbeers: No, ma’am. (Kicks butt, NatDawg style). Oooh, punching! This is kind of like BodyCombat!

JShred: No, no, this is a completely original exercise I made up.

EasyA: Hey! All! It’s Ab-time! Check out these ribs!!

NatDawg: I’m so glad I wore a shirt.

EasyA: I accidentally forgot mine.

foodsweatnbeers: Yeah, right. #accidentally?

JShred: Circuit 3 time! FOCUS!

foodsweatnbeers: I love Chest Flies so much.

JShred: Little do you know what I’ve got in store for you.

foodsweatnbeers: OH MY GOD! Anterior raises will be the end of me…. Tell my mother I love her, I’m pretty sure I’m dying.

It’s been real, Mom.

NatDawg: Sometimes, when I’m taking a nap, I wake up and I’m sleep-side lunging with anterior raises.

foodsweatnbeers: Ok, Natalie, we get it. You’re in shape.

NatDawg: What? Oh, sorry, I was looking at my delts in the mirror.


foodsweatnbeers: NM.

JShred: You guys like jumping jacks, right?

foodsweatnbeers: Oooh! yeah! My calves are craving some further abuse!

EasyA: When I get in a fight, I’ll know how to punch from this video!

NatDawg: If that poor girl ever got in a fight, she’d snap like a twig.

EasyA: Jump ropes are fun!

foodsweatnbeers: #eyeroll

JShred: Bicycle crunches are named that by their inventor, William James Bicycle Esq.

foodsweatnbeers: Do you have a citation for that fact?

JShred: er…. quick! Look at @EasyA’s ribs!

Looking good, Anita! (click for source)

foodsweatnbeers: Ugh, whatever.

At this point, I normally push through those damn bicycle crunches, stretch on my own, and curse Anita for being a silly looking ninny.

Hope you enjoyed joining me for a quality workout.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an exorcism to attend.

I will eat your heart.


Six Pack Sunday: The Calm Before the Storm

Hey there all!! Late night for this lady, but all is well considering it’s been a relaxing and lazy weekend.

I had a great time with the Lulus from Lululemon at Durham’s Salutation Nation on Saturday, and felt sore as the high dickens all day today. Luckily, there was LOTS of sleeping, lots of good foods, and I have some fun bits and pieces for this week’s Six Pack Sunday.

1.  Home = Shredding HQ

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m Shredding for the Wedding (of my cousin). And since she just called and asked me to do a reading… I wanna look extra fierce.  I’ve been working it real hard, though maybe not the most effective as I’ve been giving into edible temptations quite a bit. The best part of working out at home, though?

Fierce sock fashion

No one there to see me sweat!! My fashion now consists of socks that don’t match, purple shorts and green shirts, and “I don’t care” dirty tank tops. No qualms with a slightly stinky shirt… no one to impress. Other than Jillian, that judgey broad. Well, she can suck it.

2. Sunshine in a Windowless World

Sometimes, no matter how much you love your job, there’s something missing. In my life, that something… is a window.  I’ve learned to make due, though, with a fancy new friend.

Baby Palm Tree!

Ok, I know it’s not a palm tree. But it’s a bamboo tree, it’s a bit of sunshine in my windowless office.

Hey! In additional green thumbery, my basil plant’s growing flowers!!

I've never seen this IRL before!!

Since most green things I own immediately die upon entering my house (some might say I have a black thumb), this is a NEW RECORD!

3. Lulu Envy

Since I’m spending most of my workouts in my home, lately, I apparently have fallen behind the fashion trends for yoga folks.

Turbo Tanks = Latest Style

These Lululemon Turbo Tanks were…. EVERYWHERE!! I have to admit, I can see why. There must’ve been over a dozen of these puppies in the park, and they look so cute. I want it… Minus the $52 price tag, that is. Yeesh. Yoga’s pricey.

4. Pie Pushers Pizza and Pickles

So maybe two reasons why I’m not making quite the progress I was hoping for?

Chicken and Local Bell Peppers Slice = Di-VINE!

I’m ashamed to say that this was my first time trying a slice of Pie Pushers pizza. Man, I’ve been missing out!!

My slice after my day of yoga was to-die-for!!

Love that chalkboard menu!

My slice featured pesto, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella, chicken, and bell peppers. I can’t even gush about it enough.

Also on my Saturday menu (following a little trip to Aviator Brewery):

Fried Pickle Spears

Another first for me, fried pickle SPEARS, not slices, were top notch and totally juicier than their disk-like counterparts.  Who knows? Maybe one day, I’ll enjoy some sort of pickle that isn’t deep fried…. (but not likely).

Oh my goodness, I’m now so excited for the NC State Fair I can hardly think straight. Anyone wanna join me October 20th?

5. Planning Polly

It’s not too often that I do this, but I decided to plan some meals for the week.  Tonight, I whipped up three blackened Mahi Mahi filets (2 for dinner tonight, and one for tomorrow) and some delightful looking fried rice, inspired by Beth’s Veggie Fried Rice Recipe (inspired by Beth’s Journey, my newest WW Idol courtesy of her speaking panel during the Healthy Living Summit.)

This week is stacking up to be delicious

The top tupperware USED to contain Johnson’s Caramel Popcorn thanks to the wedding of my cousin, Damon, and his beautiful bride, Melissa . I’ll admit, I’d rather be eating the caramel corn, a favorite treat from Ocean City, NJ than vegggie rice but…. hey, soon enough, right?

6. The Worst Commercial on TV Right Now

Oh. my. goodness.


Chances are, if you’re not watching marathons of iCarly and Victorious like I do all the time since I live sans beau now, you might not ever see this commercial. You are a lucky, lucky human.

For all the rest of you, may God have mercy on your soul.

Kachooz Kachatz, you are tiny, furry demons and your voice is a blight on our planet.

I’m off to watch some Forrest Gump and feel so proud to be an American on this 9/11/11.

I just watched the part where he shows off his buttocks. I die.

Have you seen any truly heinous commercials, lately?

Do you have a green thumb or a black one, like me?

Shiny Happy Person

Good evening, y’all!

Today was just one of those days.

You know the ones...

The kind of day where it seemed like everyone was a little bit on edge. Where my mind felt like it was going a mile a minute (and none of those miles were in the right direction). The kind of day where a little bit of annoyance goes a long way.  I’d been waiting anxiously for this darned cable to come in via Best Buy delivery (as I’d ordered it on sale, and just wanted my darn TV to do something.)

When I ventured after work, I was sort of in grouchy spirits already, but when the guy couldn’t find my cable, I went from irritated to straight rage.

No, not stage, rage. GET IN THE GAME, JORDAN!

After pacing back and forth in the tiny roped off waiting area, the fellow comes out with a refurbished cable, which I really didn’t think was what I ordered. But it was very cheap, it looked good, and I have heard success stories with friends who purchased refurbished goods from BB. So whatever, I sucked it up. I left Best Buy with my grouchy pants on (which is a sacrilege in and of itself, as it’s no pants Wednesday!)

I got home, wolfed about an half a (Family Size) box of reduced fat Wheat Thins (what’s your anti-drug?) and set up the TV. Man, if this bad boy didn’t work, the day would have gone to hell.

But wait.


Not the best picture, but wanted to brag about what I was watching, clearly.

I felt pretty great about the fact that I’d hooked up my TV totally on my own (well…. really, I just matched two HDMI cables where they needed to go) but couldn’t help but feel a lot like Billy Madison when he rocked that spelling bee by spelling C-O-U-C-H.


After that, I was feeling in the zone. I had another adversary to face. Jillian Michaels and the 7th of her 30 Days of Shredding. PS thanks so much for all your support re: my shedding and Weight Watchers plan!! I feel even more steeled in my resolve to rock out this plan and look like a super glam rockstar at my cousin’s wedding.

Girls don't sweat, we glisten. Ok, that's a lie. I sweat a LOT!

Afterwards, I felt like I was on cloud nine. I instantly became one of those shiny happy people that you HATE seeing in the gym. Only, lucky for me, I was in my apartment, so I hoarded all that shininess to myself. Oh, and the internet.

I rewarded myself with a delicious dinner, featuring the last of that Mellow Mushroom free pizza!

'za, quinoa, all FREE!

I’m still riding that birthday freebie train, only these freebies were courtesy of swag and random Facebook signups. The best food, IMHO, is ALWAYS the free kind. It just tastes that much better.

Well, I’m off to ride this shiny happy wave into the rest of the night, hitting the sack early for the sake of an early day at work. And, hopefully, a much shinier day.

What can turn your mood right around?

Shredding for the Wedding

Hey there friends!  Today’s a glorious Wednesday and you know how much I love Wednesdays! The Changing of the Sales was celebrated in full force this morning and, of course, my favorite: No-Pants Wednesday is currently being celebrated!

Wednesday, pantsless Wednesday!

I should also explain the other reason that I love to come home for lunches.

Oh, hey Vitamin D! (that's the one you get from the Sun, right?)

I just love to come home and open the sliding glass door and enjoy the sun, even briefly, during the day. While I love my job, I’m unfortunate enough to be the proud owner of one of the only windowless offices in the building. Drats.

Oh well, I also got my fair share of other tasty vitamins in the form of this tasty Mexican salad.

Spinach, black beans, tomato, green peppers, cheese, salsa, and chia seeds!

With a dessert of half a slice of the small cheese pizza from Mellow Mushroom last night (there’s still time, if you live near a MM, to get a coupon for a free small cheese pizza with purchase of a drink. Trying to spread that freebie love, even if it’s not your birthday!)

But now, tasty treats aside, time for some focus.

Shredding for the Wedding

I’ll lead into this section by saying that, if you aren’t aware, since March 2010 I’ve lost approximately 40 lbs. I’m incredibly proud of my progress and, for the most part, very happy with my body. That being said, the past few months have been full of lots of travel, lots of  fun and, going hand in hand with those two, lots of food. Visits home, birthday freebies, weddings, holidays,and all that jazz, quickly resulted in a little bit more cushion on my body than I’m fond of. Enter: Jillian.


After reading past folks reviews of the program (such as Meghann from Meals and Miles) and having started it (briefly) at the beginning of the year, I think I need something to whip my booty back into fighting shape. For the past 8 days, I’ve shredded 6 of them (one day was an “off” day and another I did Zumba for an hour). Though I haven’t noticed much of a change physically, I think it’s mostly because what I’ve been doing in my living room hasn’t been supported by what I do in the kitchen (or restaurant…. or at the tailgate). Here’s where the big change comes in.

My cousin’s wedding is the first full weekend of October (read: Columbus Day weekend. Mark your calendars, that’s a holiday, folks!)

I credit the first 20 lbs of my weight loss entirely to Weight Watchers.  When I got to a point I felt good at, I laid off and just rested on my laurels and the knowledge I had about what was good for me and what was not good for me. But with this whole “craft beer” thing becoming a super fun part of my life, and wanting to enjoy myself and wear the clothes I want to wear at my cousin’s big weekend, I’d like to kick the last 10 lbs that have been weighing me down (literally).

Starting tomorrow, I’ll start following the Weight Watchers plan again. I won’t be quite as strict as I was in the past, but I wanna rid my home of all the junk food that’s been lingering around and focus on what got me to where I am in the first place.

Know it, live it, love it.

I’m stoked to be shredding with some of my favorite fellow bloggers (like Jessica, Carly, Sadie, and Holly)  , and I’ll be tweeting along the way. The Weight Watchers thing, well, I’m hoping that’ll come back to me like riding a bike.

But on that note, it’s back to work.  No more slices of pizza as a lunch dessert (it was tiny, though, I promise) and it’s time to get back to my roots. Goodbye sunshine, see you later comfy pantsless time, and ta ta to y’all. At least until later tonight.

Have you ever followed a 30 day (or 60 or 90) day program? What’d you think?

How about Weight Watchers or some other type of diet?

OR for folks who haven’t ever tried either of them, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had for a dessert?