Six Pack Sunday: (Belated) Spring Cleaning

Oh my goodness, y’all.

Today’s been the most productive day in recent memory.  I decided last night that Sunday was THE DAY and, low and behold, I actually stuck to my guns.

At about 10 in the morning, I put on my fancy clothes to get this cleaning party started.

Sometimes, I wear this out to the discotheque.

As the day progressed (and the apartment started to reveal itself from beyond the clutter, I realized something.  Considering I’m a lady living the single life at the moment while Ry’s learning up a storm, I have amassed a lot of stuff.  More than any lady in my life situation should.  Luckily for all of you, I pulled a few real gems to share for this week’s Six Pack Sunday.

Today’s Six Pack Sunday is a veritable “Best of the Best” from my cleaning endeavor.

1. Gumby’s Groupie

13 Tickets to Tasty Town

Oh, Gumby’s.  If you live in/around Gainesville, FL, Tallahasse, FL, Tampa, FL, Champaign, IL, Normal, IL, Iowa City, IA, East Lansing, MI, Kalamazoo, MI, Columbia, MO, Chapel Hill, NC, Raleigh, NC, Wilmington, NC, Columbus, OH, State College, PA, College Station, TX, San Marcos, TX, Blacksburg, VA, or Madison, WI, you might be familiar with Gumby’s.  It’s the home of late night snacking essentials pizza, wings and, most importantly, Pokey sticks.

Snagged this one from their Facebook page.

These cheesy, greasy, garlicy breadsticks are nature’s candy. Only not from nature, probably at all.  Anyway, the coupons came from boxes. You collected them, then turn them in for MORE POKEY STICKS! It’s a vicious cycle, and one that I was addicted to during college.  I wonder if these are still good… I heard they stopped running this special because folks were taking the boxes from the store. Oh well. Something I’ll have to look into in the near future.

2. Come on baby, light my fire.

Sweet flame-age, JP

Considering I don’t smoke or use my fireplace, I sure have a lot of methods to bring flame into this world.

3. Explanation


Maybe it’s the 10 giant scented candles I have.


4. Dolla Dolla Bills

Bling bling?

In my travels, I picked up some serious coinage.

$3.50 in quarters

$2 in dimes

$0.60 in nickles

$0.35 in pennies

8 Euro cents

1 Candian penny

If anyone needs a sugar mama, tweet me. I’ll be counting my $6.45 over and over again.

5. Case Race, Friends? I’ll bring the koozies.

I promise, I'm not an alcoholic.

This one actually really shocked me. I knew I’d been collecting koozies a bit, but I just stuffed them into a drawer. Well, I officially cleaned that drawer out.

24 koozies. And I’m certain there’s another one in my car or something.

EDIT: I just went to my car. Found three more. 

Literally, I could open a case of beer and put a koozie on every single one. Just in case anyone’s looking for a case race partner, I think we’d have a clear advantage.  Warm hands, cold beer. Unstoppable.

6. The Creepiest Things That Are Currently In My Possession

I’ll confess: My blogging idol is Jenny Lawson aka the Bloggess.  And I was cleaning out my shelves, I felt like I had a moment much like finding a box of monkey hands.

I'm not proud of these.... but I'm not NOT proud, either.

  • 1 old fashion-y looking jar containing a bunch of tiny pigs
  • A shot glass containing my four (bleached) wisdom teeth
If you’re ever thinking about coming over to my place and taking shots…. just be sure you check your glass.
Ok, ok. The cleaning continues.
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in your apartment/house lately?
Do you have a ridiculous/absurd amount of any one item in your possession?  
I might be a hoarder.

9 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: (Belated) Spring Cleaning

  1. I need to do a serious clean out of our place. We’re planning to before we move into our new house (whenever that happens) since we want to have one of those magazine worthy neatness (for the most part) type places. Anyway, you should have a giveaway for some of those koozies if you’re looking to part with any. 😉 I’d sure enter.

  2. hahaha cleaning days are the best! your findings are hilarious. I seriously have zero koozies, and I am going to the PSU tailgate this weekend and will totally need one if this cold weather continues. i always end up getting jealous of people with koozies. i seriously need to start my collection stat.

  3. More amazing than keeping your wisdom teeth in a shot glass is the fact that they yanked your wisdom teeth out whole. Seriously, mine were this mess of chipped/beat up tooth pieces. I’m totally jealous yours look like actual teeth.
    I am so weird.

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  6. I did some cleaning yesterday too!! I focused on my closet…. I still have some unpacked items from my move in January!! Those bread sticks look delicious mmmmm kinda reminds me of some garlic knots I had in so cal that I miss dearly. I’ll trade you something for the Canadian penny… Maybe my junior yr prom dress I pulled out from the depths of my closet?

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