Six Pack Sunday: Throwback Weekend

Sunday night, buffalo shrimp pizza’s in the oven, and it’s time for another Six Pack Sunday. I spent most of this weekend putzing around Chapel Hill, relaxing with my friends and I finally feel totally recovered from last week’s Manhattan wedding weekend. (I realized that I never wrote a full post from the actual wedding/reception… I’ll save that for sometime this week!)

Anyway, since I’ve been soaking up all the Carolina blue UNC had to give, tailgating and enjoying every bit. I figured that’s all the reason to celebrate Six Pack Sunday with an  honor of my personal throwback weekend.

1. Pokey Party

Buttery, garlicy baked gold!

Remember that time that, when cleaning my apartment, I found 13 coupons for Gumby’s (and four teeth and 24 koozies?) Well, I got a chance to cash those bad boys in on Saturday night. Yup, ranch, marinara, and a whole lotta goodness. And what pairs better with grease and cheese than a mason jar full of Riesling? Nothing, that’s right. The employees at the store informed me that they hadn’t used the coupon system in over a year and a half.

Shows you how often I clean the apartment, right?

2. Some Things Never Change

Faces have been blocked to protect the livelihood of grown-ups!

I observed (and cheered on) a rousing game (or 7) of flip cup. And one of the MVPs of the team? A brother from my fraternity who joined when I was 1 year old.

I can only hope that, in 20 years, I’ll be half as awesome as he is.

3. Whole Mold Foods?


Since I was in Chapel Hill, I had a chance to stop by Whole Foods (a rare treat for someone who doesn’t live very close to one). And then, from a distance, I saw a basket of moldy bread.

Well, that’s what I thought it was. When I went closer, I realized that it was not mold, just the Whole Foods logo. In green, and on bread.  Maybe not the best marketing technique.

4. Massive Milltown Munchies

San Diego Fries: Fresh Cut Fries Topped with Sharp Cheddar, Marinated Flank Steak, Jalapeno,Guacatillo, Salsa and Chipotle Sour Cream

Smoked Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese with Leeks and Broccoli and Bacon

Even though my last trip to Milltown wasn’t that long ago, I’ll still count it. And this was the most tasty meal I’ve had out in a while!!

The skull sized liters of beer didn’t hurt, either. $8 for a liter of Spaten Oktoberfest?

Don't mind if I do.

5. Spark it Up

This ought to be stupid

Does anyone remember when Sparks were like, a huge “thing”? I must’ve been a sophomore or junior at UNC, and everywhere I went, I saw folks hyped up and rocking the signature orange Sparks tongue.  When I stopped by the grocery store and perused the discount priced for quick sale goodies (not in the produce section like I scoped out on Friday, obviously), I couldn’t resist spending $2 on a four pack. Though I have yet to drink a single sip, I can only imagine that this will not have positive results.

But I also predict that it will be the best drink review of my life.

(Don’t quote me on that.)

6. It’s Not Rocket Science, People.

Must we?

At Harris Teeter, earlier, I spotted these “store maps”. Having shopped in countless Harris Teeters (or Teets, as I like to call them), this is completely unnecessary and very silly.

I hope this isn’t a new trend in grocery stores.  It seems to go against everything the whole “reusable shopping bag” is about.

Ok, ok.

The pizza…. it calls to me.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, folks!



6 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: Throwback Weekend

  1. That’s a lot of delicious food! My flip cup skills seemed to stay intact after graduating college, but not my beer pong skills. Those took a major nose dive, haha.

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