Why You Should Grocery Shop at Lunchtime

Hey there y’all, and thank goodness it’s Friday!

I’m blurrily celebrating No-Pants Friday, so excited that I clearly couldn’t even hold still!

Too fast, too furious for the camera!

And I have to say, I just enjoyed the most divine salad at lunchtime.

Festive Friday Fare!

Yesterday, I tossed 2 frozen chicken breasts, half a can of black beans and half a can of fire-roasted tomatoes and some salsa into the crockpot. By dinnertime last night, it was a wonderful shreddable chicken with a Mexican flavor. Though I wrapped it in a tortilla last night, today I bulked it up with some spinach, tomato, half an avocado, and cheese. Out of this world.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How does Jordan afford all these avocados? She must be a zillionaire!” because avocados are notoriously pricey and that’s a bummer. But I’ll tell you how I get em.

Shop for groceries at lunchtime!

A beautiful bounty!

The aisles are almost empty and the food is ripe for the picking. Also, this is a PRIME time to pick up those battered and bruised veggies and fruits that are “priced for quick sale”. The losers of the produce aisle, these treats always finagle their way into my heart and, shortly after, into my grocery cart. And, honestly, if you’re planning on putting together food with the veggies in the not-too-distant future, what’s the problem?

Sure, maybe they’re not as beautiful as the beautiful bananas, the attractive avocados, and the perfect plums. But they’re delicious as all get out, and just made my day.

For $2.50, I picked up 4 avocados and 8 tomatoes. I’ll chalk that one up to a major WIN!

Plans for tonight include a very special (and RARE in NC!) beer!  Epic Brewing’s Brainless on Peaches will be tapped at Rockfish tonight, and I can’t wait to try a glass.  Yummy, yummy.


8 thoughts on “Why You Should Grocery Shop at Lunchtime

  1. Yummmm! how long did it take that to cook??? I’m now thinking of doing that next week! I also wish i knew where to find delicious tasting beers like that here in Canada!!!

  2. I love this “no pants Friday” thing. Awesome trend! So this Epic Brewing Brainless on Peaches thing sounds…amazing. I’ve never even thought of peach beer…yum! I’ll be running a marathon tomorrow so drink one for me tonight! 🙂

  3. I love lunch grocery shopping…and the bruised produce/scratch & dents. I buy the ugly bananas for baking, apples for saucing and any other veggies to either cut and freeze or use in the next day or two. Saves some money in my wallet for other fun.

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