Six Pack Sunday: Brooklyn, Baby!

Greetings friends, from one very exhausted jet-setter.  It feels like I barely left on Friday for my jam-packed weekend in the Big, juicy Apple of New York!!  Though I plan to write a more serious grown up post documenting my experience in the future, this travel-addled brain thinks that, for right now, I’d better stick to the easy stuff. Namely, a Six Pack Sunday!  Here are a few little nuggets from my trip that I can’t wait to share.

WARNING: Graphic images of cobra genitals are in this post. If that offends your delicate sensibilities…. read no further.

Six Pack Sunday: Brooklyn, Baby!

1. I’m Bringing Sexy Pickle Back

Have you ever heard of a drink called a Pickle Back?  It’s not really a drink, per se, as much as it’s a series of two shots.  In my fraternity, we used to call it Dickle and a Pickle, I believe. But that’s just semantics.

You start with a shot of whiskey (preferably Jameson). Then, you chase it with a shot of briney pickle juice.

Ready for my first pickle back...

Well, I finally tried one (I was down to try any/everything this weekend).  My reaction?

Oh no no no no no, never again

Claire’s a bit of a pickle princess, but I really don’t think I’ll be ordering this one again.  Then again, I’m pretty pleased that I can proudly claim the experience.

2. Anne Hathaway Reading a Book and Drinking Wine

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a celebrity-crazed lunatic most of the time if/when I’m near a famous human.  This weekend, I had an especially lucky brush with fame.

I spotted Anne Hathaway, in Ippudo, reading a book and drinking white wine.  Well, technically, Claire spotted her first. And I tried not to ogle. And then, demonstrating EXTREME restraint and self-discipline, I didn’t run over and wildly demand a picture.  In fact, I played it cool.  I was all like, “Oh, Anne, I will acknowledge we’re dining at the same establishment, nbd, this happens all the time.”

This should sort of paint a picture for you.

This is exactly what it was like.

Secretly, though, all I could think of is “I’ve seen your boobs” which is (normally) not something I think about my dining buddies.  Oh well, part of the business, I’m sure.

3. Museum of Sex? Yes, please.

Speaking of “boobs”, we went to the Museum of Sex! Through Google Offers (Google’s group buying site!), I got my ticket for half-price, and definitely saw enough that I definitely got the bang for my buck (bahahaha cheesey sex jokes).

Sexy, can I?

There were oodles of exciting and interesting exhibits but, I have to admit, the Sex Lives of Animals was beyond fantastic.


Pleases all the lady cobras.

4. Hot Cha Cha!

Since I’d already tried one crazy cocktail in the Pickle Back, I couldn’t resist the Jalapeno Quencher at our fancy, amazing dinner at Aqua Grill.

Feel the Burn!

Described as: Chilled Ketel One Vodka, Pomegranate Liquor, Jalapeno, Lime, and Cranberry Juice, this left my mouth on fire in the most delicious way possible.

5. Smorgasburg Started Off Right!

One event I’d been looking forward to since the moment Claire described it was Smorgasburg.  A Brooklyn Food Flea Market, I couldn’t wait to go for brunch Saturday morning.  And what better way to start off brunch than an oyster shooter?

When in Williamsburg...

The oysters were from Brooklyn Oyster Party and I couldn’t imagine a better appetizer for the meal we enjoyed later!! An interesting way to start a morning, without a doubt.

6. You Look So Good in SWEAT!!

Easily the most inspiring part of the weekend was cheering on the runners of the famous New York City Marathon.  Sunday morning, we strolled to Prospect Park-ish, right around the 8 mile mark to cheer them on.  We saw so many runners, shouting encouragement to them all, as I tried my hardest not to burst into tears from being blown away and inspired and proud all at once.

You're so fast!!

Shouting things like “You’re KILLING IT out there!” or “You’re a speed demon” was great, but my favorite were the runners who had their names on their shirts.  To be able to pick out Katie or Paul (easily the most frequently seen name, I’ll never know why) from the pack and shout personalized encouragement was my favorite. They always looked so excited to be called out and some of them gave us high fives as they raced their hearts out.

It was beautiful, it was awesome, and I think I got a sunburn from the whole thing.  Worth it.

Love those runners!!

Congrats to all the runners!!  You’re amazing.

Clearly, we packed a lot into the weekend (perks of being hyper-planners) so I think I’m off to relax a bit before an early bedtime.

Have you ever been to New York city?  

If so, what was your favorite part of your visit?

If not, what would you want to see/do if you visited?


11 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: Brooklyn, Baby!

  1. I’ve been to NYC three times and the last two were my favorites. The first Scott and I went for our anniversary and had an amazing dinner at La Masseria (great italian for okay prices). The second time was earlier this summer and I loved tearing it up at the club and having dinner at Daniel. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next time I visit.

    PS – I loooove pickle backs. Especially when they mix hot sauce in the pickle juice.

  2. Don’t you love NYC? Your weekend made me so jealous, I have to go back next year for the marathon. I want to make funny signs. So many celebrities in NYC. I was in an elevator with McLovin and I also had breakfast with Sabrina the Teenage witch in the same day !

  3. looks like you had an awesome time! I love cheering on marathoners! the boston marathon runs right past my street at home, and I’m always so blown away by the runners!
    That pickle juice chaser sounds nasty haha looks like you had an awesome weekend though!

  4. Awesome! I’ve been to NYC once – a SOLID visit including a hotel in Times Square, Grease on Broadway, and a visit to the David Letterman acclaimed Hello Deli – but definitely want to go back to run the marathon someday.

  5. I’ve never been to NYC. Isn’t that pitiful?!?!? That’s quite an awkward museum, though I bet it was pretty interesting. haha. It’s great you cheered on the runners. Sometimes I wonder if crowds realize how much they help me push through hard races.

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  7. did someone on millionaire matchmaker take a date to the museum of sex?! i think so…..

    i’ve been to new york once. it was for our 8th grade trip. most 8th graders around these parts go to DC, but we didnt have enough kids in our grade to do that so we went to ny (2 days) and boston (5 days). we saw Lion King and went to the statue of lib, but thats all i can remember.

    nicole and i have tentative plans for a ny trip once she turns 21 but…. um… that’s not really a problem for her anymore (if you catch my drift) so I think we need to hurry along the trip plans. after all the ny marathon recaps i’m itching to fly over and eat lots + lots of ny style pizza (aka the best style!!)

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