Glen Mills, Meet Whole Foods!

You know when you live in a small town and when new things come to town (3D films! PF Changs! New iPads!) everyone loses their shit and invades and it’s a mob scene?

Well, I experienced it firsthand yesterday, in Glen Mills, PA (my hometown!)  And it was EXCELLENT!

Even the SOAP was welcoming!

As of Wednesday, March 14 at 10 a.m., the doors of Whole Foods opened to the residents of Glen Mills, and the residents responded accordingly.  That is “en masse”. I decided to dress to impress for the special occasion.

Oh, you fancy, huh?

Well… actually, I was dressed for an all-day interview but, once that was over, I rushed home to invade Whole Foods.  And, while the aisles are lined with amazing and tasty foods, and the fresh pasta station is BALLER, let’s be honest. I only had eyes for one spot:


I like my beer-rooms like I like my closets: temperature regulated and walk-in.

In case you don’t know Pennsylvania alcohol laws (What?! You don’t?!) most “beer stores” sell beers by the case. And you can buy some six-packs at bars, or “licensed retailers”. But basically, finding beers for sale in numbers less than 24 isn’t always easy.

Enter: Whole Foods.

I believe they’ve gotten around the laws by having the “Brew and Brau” pub inside of the market.  This little pub could be my new hangout (at least until 9pm, when it closes for the night). Serving up local coffee, beer, wine, and selling pub food to nibble, this little niche in the store is the JAM! Just imagine, doing half your shopping, then needing a beer. I wonder if you could park your cart for a pint-break.

Samples and Pimento cheese?! who could say no?

I spoke for a little to Rick from Yards Brewing Company and Jack from Prism Brewing Company about how excited I am to have a spot near my family home to buy and drink good, local beer (while trying samples of their tasty brews).  In fact, I’ll admit, being as spoiled as I am in North Carolina, living near dozens of local breweries and being able to drink exclusively local drinks (though I don’t), I wasn’t expecting there to be as active of a brewing scene as I learned there is in Pennsylvania!!  I can’t wait to try more beers nearby.

I took my mom out for her birthday, and decided we needed to try it out. I enjoyed a Ginger Mango IPA from Boxcar Brewing Company and nabbed mommy some blush vino.

Note the tasty nibbling bar snacks in the background.

The whole scene was very surreal. Seeing shoppers outside, enjoying drinks inside, having the opportunity to grab a six-pack if we wanted (we couldn’t, I was headed out in the morning). But the beer was tasty (and fresh), the wine was apparently delicious, and the company (my mommy) was the best.

For dessert, I figured I should enjoy something from WF, to celebrate the opening (excuses, excuses).

While I was DEEPLY tempted by their beautiful, pristine white coconut cake, I went a different route, inspired by my recent enjoyment of LocoPops pistachio ice cream.

Pistachio Vanilla Cupcake, don't mind if I do.

I think I want pistachios in all of my desserts from now on, forever.

To sum it up: Glen Mills welcomed Whole Foods with open arms. And open tummies. And open livers.  And I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

NC Whole Foods: Take note. GET A BAR INSIDE OF YOU, STAT!

At least I can still buy beer in gas stations…

What’s your favorite local/secret spot that you’d never think to get a drink?

I’ll be spreading this (not-so) secret all over the place.

15 thoughts on “Glen Mills, Meet Whole Foods!

  1. My regular grocery store has beer and wine samples on some Fridays and Saturdays, but that’s as close as I can get to this goodness you describe. If I sample some of each (usually 4-5 wines and 2-3 beers) I can get a little shopping buzz on.

  2. If my grocery store had a bar in it I would be “shopping” every single day. And we would probably never have any food in the house. I’m starting a letter writing campaign of some sort to make this fabulousness happen here in Washington state. As soon as I finish this cocktail….. Happy Friday!

  3. Yayyyy welcome to the Whole Foods crew! Ok, that’s a lie. Like you, I go there for basically one thing only… not beer, the bulk bins!

    Pistachio has been one of my favorite flavors since I was a kid. It all started with Baskin Robbins Pistachio Almond ice cream. Pistachio cupcakes are BOMB.

    Hope the interview went well!

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