Six Pack Sunday: Doodles and Dooty

Ok, I’m sorry, I kind of hate myself for the title of this post.  But, more importantly, I think it’s hilarious, especially when the word “dooty” is used in any type of writing, so hopefully you’ll bear with me and stick it out to enjoy the REST of this week’s Six Pack Sunday!

1. Ask and You Shall Receive

Oh goodness, I can’t thank the Twitter world enough!! On Friday, I was a little bit at a loss. I knew that I wanted to bring treats to my little sister’s volleyball tournament this weekend but a) I’m not a baker and b) I was low on time.  After rocking out an awesome Zumba class with Sierra, the queen of Triangle blogger workouts (check out the link for an adorable picture of our height difference), it was already 7:30 and I had to make dinner AND whip up some good stuff. I asked the internet, and y’all DELIVERED!

I'll snicker YOUR doodle!

Kelli suggested the Snickerdoodle Blondies from My Baking Addiction, which were UNBELIEVABLE! They were so delicious, I had no idea what to do with myself other than wrap them up to bring the goodies to the girls before I ate them all myself.  The other hit (which admittedly looked like poop, so I didn’t photograph them) was courtesy of Kaitlin’s recipe for No Bake Cookies. Peanut butter, chocolate, oats? Impossible to go wrong, especially when cooking for teenage girls!

The only change I made with BOTH recipes was replacing the vanilla extract with almond extract. That’s my personal touch to MOST recipes, primarily because I like the taste and, if I don’t wanna eat my own creations, who would?

Every single crumb was eaten (I definitely helped with that) and the girls and parents alike were enamored with my creations!  THANK YOU to everyone that suggested recipes, I was so stoked with the results!

2. Not Now, Wool E.!

That's BULL!

Wool E. Bull, the Durham minor league baseball team’s mascot, made a visit to the Raleigh Convention Center to watch some volleyball.  Don’t let the smiling girls fool you, they were SO annoyed as he was trying to give high fives in the middle of the GAME! There’s a time and place for everything (and every bull). This was neither the time, NOR the place.  Sorry, Mr. Bull.

3. Dress to Impress

Always fierce, always winning spring fling queen

One of the terms used most frequently to find my blog is “What to wear to pure barre” which all stems from my Pure Barre Breakdown post Here’s my advice: wear something cute, but make sure it’s comfortable! At the studio I go to (occasionally, not regularly, as I’m not loaded enough to afford the classes in addition to my gym membership), there are mirrors all over. So I definitely do my best to try and look put together. In my opinion, when you look good, you feel good, or at least you don’t think about it. I was rocking my new Lululemon shirt (which I got on sale when I picked up my FAVORITE LEGGINGS EVER that actually gave me the courage to post my first tummy picture on the blog) and one of my favorite pairs of leggings from Nike. I hate to say that clothes make the (wo)man, but it was definitely my favorite Pure Barre class ever.  I’m not saying it was JUST because of the outfit… but it didn’t hurt.

4. Heavy Dooty 

Maybe I’m watching too much TV lately, or maybe just too many kids’ channels (I love cartoons), but I’ve been seeing THIS commercial on a lot, lately.

At first I didn’t pay any attention to this commercial, but then I paid some.  And I was like “Wait. WHAT?”

Are these kids pooping in their diapers, and then being judged on it?


Poop, there it is, indeed.

5. Meat Free Meal at The Pit

The one bummer of the weekend was a trip to The (legendary) Pit in Raleigh…. Not because it wasn’t tasty (it was TOO TASTY) but because, as per my Lenten sacrifice, I’m not eating any of their specialties right now. No NC BBQ, no pulled pork, no beef brisket, no pimento BLTs…  But I made it work.

This appetizer could be breakfast, dessert, and dinner for the rest of my life.

Up first? Pumpkin skillet cornbread served with maple butter.  I split this with my dad and sister, but could’ve easily devoured the entire skillet (even if the skillet was full sized).  Warm and crumbly, every bite was balanced with the right amount of spice and savory cornbread flavor.  The maple butter was (literally) the icing on the cake. Divine.


Since I wasn’t eating meat, as I enviously eyed my sister’s pulled pork, I ordered myself a fried catfish platter.  Healthy? No. Delicious: A-YUP!

Fried catfish with remoulade sauce (which was described as spicy, but wasn’t actually very spicy at all) and sides of hush puppies, a biscuit, sweet potato fries, AND fried okra.

Fried food OVERLOAD!  I saved half of the catfish and the biscuit for later, but pretty much demolished the rest of the plate. The sweet potato fries were crispy and even better dipped in some ketchup and/or remoulade. The fried okra, a rare indulgence, wasn’t slimy at all, and the seasoning was light but still salty and savory.  I didn’t even need dinner that night (except for the blondies).

6. Cocoa Mole: The Horchata of Beer

Worst beer shot ever? Sorry. Focusing on the drinking.

I had the pleasure… Nay, the JOY of trying New Belgium’s Cocoa Mole spiced ale on Thursday.  My Untappd description? “Amazing. This is so delicious I don’t know how to deal with life.”

This beer was spiced, it was rich, and it was delicious.  Described by the brewery:

Say Hola to a spiced up ale full of cocoa and ancho, guajillo, chipotle peppers. But don’t fear the heat, because plenty of caramel and chocolate malts bring a smooth, complex flavor to our Cocoa Molé. Scents of cinnamon when poured will have you saying, “¡Olé for molé!”

I felt like if Horchata (cinnamon rice milk) had a beer cousin, Cocoa Mole would be him.  I want to bathe in this beer (or maybe just keep drinking it.  Bathing in it could get gross, fast.)  Cinnamon, chiles, good carbonation, and not so heavy that you felt like you could chew it, this is the kind of dark, complex beer that I love to find.  It had that mouthfeel that made you want to keep drinking it, and I couldn’t stop smelling my glass.  Served at Rockfish out of a gorgeous New Belgium goblet, I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable Thursday night beer choice as we planned our St. Patrick’s Day agenda.

The past week was fantastic, and the upcoming one is going to be incredibly busy, exciting, and intense. Mid-week trip back to PHL, St. Patrick’s day on Saturday (YES! WEEKEND GROWNUP HOLIDAY!) I’m tired just thinking about it… But I’m definitely NOT complaining.

Anything exciting for your upcoming week?

What’s the craziest fried food you’ve ever had? Or at least the tastiest?

Fried mac & cheese is pretty divine…

6 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: Doodles and Dooty

  1. so glad you liked the no bake cookies! It is a shame they look so nasty but they taste soo delicious! Those snickerdoodle blondies look soo delicious! And that pumpkin cornbread sounds so good, I am going to have to try and make it sometime.

  2. i LOVE The Pit in Raleigh!!! I live in Michigan but whenever i visit my sister who lives in Raleigh, I insist we go there for dinner immediately! That pulled pork is seriouslyyyyy goooood!

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