Six Pack Sunday: Champagne Wishes and Pretzel Necklace Dreams

Oh my goodness, this week was definitely a marathon, not a sprint.  It was long, it was busy, but it was filled with the most delicious foods, some fantastic friends, and not even CLOSE to enough sleep.

No worries, though, more fodder to write about, right?

That’s right, Six Pack Sunday, y’all!

1. A New Friend!

Introducing: Takito!

Hey there, little one!

My dear friend and (fraternity) brother, Brooke, CREATED this amazing piece of artwork out of glass!! He’s been telling me for years that he was going to do it and I always sort of just assumed that it was our long running joke. And then, as a total surprise to me, he showed up with a box marked FRAGILE tied in twine and filled with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap and a beautiful handmade glass octopus.

I’m in love (though I can’t tell whether it’s with the octopus or Brooke…)

Brooke let me know that tako is the Japanese word for octopus and, since this little fellow is so small, I figured he should be named Takito instead.  Now I just need to find the right spot for him, a spot of dignity and honor!

2. Accidental Champagne 

(But really, when is champagne ever REALLY an accident?)

Sometimes, at a cocktail party, I decide to only drink champagne.

And then, the bartender tells me that, as the only one who was drinking it, the empty bottle was definitely achieved, singlehandedly, by MOI!


3. Big Thangs

oh snap.

4. Pretzel Power

World Beer Festival was on Saturday.  I think I took like, 8 total pictures. I was definitely more focused on the beer this year, and less focused on snapping photos like a lunatic. But trust me, I looked great doing it.  Mostly due to one key accessory.

I'm thinking of starting a fashion blog.

Fact: Yogurt covered pretzels, while lovely to look at, MELT on a hot day. And gummy bears are very tough to string.

5. New Glarus Black Top!

Another tasty beer that was NOT at the festival?

So good.

From the brewer: Expect this beer to pour a hop forward jet black glass brimming with aromatic bitterness. Brewmaster Dan skillfully weaves molasses and chocolate malt undertones with a soaring rush of clean citrus and pine hop notes, to deliver a drinkable Black IPA. 

From MOI: SO tasty! I’ll admit, a lot of times I end up having high hopes for “black IPAs” only to be disappointed. Not the case with Black Top!  All the way from Wisconsin, this beer was a Christmas present and, with a piney aroma, it reminded me of Christmas! The taste wasn’t too complex, yet there was still a hoppiness and a chocolate taste.  Mama like.

6. I think I ate my body’s weight in pork, today.

But more on that tomorrow.  Or Tuesday.

No women dressed as pigs were harmed though, don't worry.

Ugh, pork coma.

Time for Fringe and rest.  Lots of both.

What was the best food you ate this weekend?

How about the tastiest drink?

9 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: Champagne Wishes and Pretzel Necklace Dreams

  1. Wisco represent! New Glarus Brewing Co. is just around the corner from me & offers up SO many yummy brews! To be honest though, I’ve never tried Black Top. Thanks for introducing me to something brewed right in my own backyard!

  2. My heart fills with joy every time I see that dragon logo. 😀 I didn’t have anything that stood out food or drink-wise this weekend, unfortunately. The only beer I had was lager.

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