Scenes from Rockfish Seafood Grill’s Annual Crawfish Boil

Ah, my love of crawfish boils (but not regular boils, ew) lives on…

My home away from home

Rockfish Seafood Grill has basically become like another home to me this past year and a half.  The waitstaff are my friends and so last night was basically a family dinner.  Not just any family dinner, though.  With a BOGO on pounds of crawfish, it seemed like every crawfish lover in the Triangle came out of the woodworks.

Tables were provided with entire rolls of paper towels because, let’s be honest, crawfish consumption is messy business.  Last night was no different.  My hands were coated in spice and juices and, luckily, I had a tasty beer to wash it all down.

Beautiful, delicious, and fantastic

We (my buddy Amanda and I) ordered a side of corn + sausage, and got down to business (not before taking a quick snapshot, before digging in!)

Do you like my shirt? I obviously have no problem with self-esteem...

Lips on fire, I pressed on, even sucking an occasional head. The potatoes were a welcome respite from the heat of my order (I chose the “Spicy” version, and can’t imagine the kick that would’ve come with the “Extra Spicy” version!) and the corn and sausage were icing on the cake.  If the cake was made of mudbugs

The aftermath?

Shell graveyard

Two pounds of crawfish?

No problem.

We wrapped the night up with a little treat from the Triangle Bucket List… but that’s a story for another post.

Any culinary adventures on the agenda this weekend?

I’m got some tasty tricks up my sleeve…. Fingers crossed the best laid plans come to fruition!

5 thoughts on “Scenes from Rockfish Seafood Grill’s Annual Crawfish Boil

  1. I’ve got a Groupon that will lead to a lobster tail and I’m catching in this weekend! I’ve never had a crawfish, they scare me in spite of my lobster love.

  2. I’ve never had crawfish before…but since I’m thinking of trying the Pescatarian thing like my favorite Food, Sweat and Beers expert, I’m thinking of trying it. A trip to Rockfish may be in order!

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