Six Pack Sunday: French Braids, French Fries, and French Water

Oh goodness…. with all the traveling to visit other people, I forgot how exhausting it can be to play hostess to a road warrior.

My dear friend, Kinsley, spent the weekend with me and we relived our college glory days eating, drinking, and shopping our way through Chapel Hill.  It was glorious.  That’s not all I did this week, though.  Here’s another edition of Six Pack Sunday, complete with a bit of the craziness that the French provide this world.

1. Frenchin’ Fool

Not a masterpiece, but it'll do.

Would you believe that, before this week, I’d never french braided before?

If you look at this picture, you probably will.

Growing up, my mom was a french braiding pro, and then, in high school, I always had girlfriends that were so dexterous in the braiding department, their work looked like hair sculptures.  So I didn’t bother learning.  Then, the other day, I had this crazy thought like, “What if I have a daughter someday and she wants a french braid and my mom isn’t there and SHE HATES ME because I can’t help?!!?@#?%”

I taught myself, then and there.  It’s not perfect, but my imaginary future daughter won’t hate me.  At least not because I can’t braid.

2. Tarheel Monkey

Wanna see the cutest thing I saw on my shopping tour of Chapel Hill?

Looking fierce.

Just further proof that Carolina blue looks good on everyone.

3. The Future is NOW!

I forgot to DVR my Thursday night shows due to crawfish boil excitement.  Luckily, technology saved the day again.

Yes, The Vampire Diaries. No shame in my game.

I can program my DVR from my phone.  I will NEVER miss a show again.  This is amazing.

4. French Fry Feast

No picture in this one, but I’m sure that you can all imagine two 20-something blondes fueled by beers and loud music strolling into Buns (one of Chapel Hill’s Premier late-night dining establishments) to gorge on an order of french fries (and Caesar salad?)

Dipping sauces included Curry Mustard and Chipotle Mayo. If you’re in Chapel Hill, go there, enjoy the fries, and thank me later.

French toast aside, I think french fries are the most perfect French-prefixed creations on the planet.

5. Back to AMERICA!

Another item from the epic shopping adventures of the week?

These beauties.

God bless this nation. (click image for source/in case you need to buy patriotic Sperry boat shoes, too.)

I can’t wait for a summer rocking shorts and Sperrys.  And I have the absolute perfect white/blue dress that, added to these kicks, will make me the most patriotic girl around on Fourth of July.

Yes, I plan my Independence Day outfits as far in advance as my Halloween costumes.

6. French… WHAT?

Bottled water isn’t expensive enough for you?  Well, luckily, this is now a product that exists.

Oh goodness.

Evian’s “Moisturizing Spray” is mineral water you can… spray on yourself.

What the hell?!

How is this different from putting “mineral water” in a spray bottle?  Oh, it isn’t?



I’m off to brush my teeth with non-mineral water and toothpaste, and hit the sack.  Sleep tight, friends. And save up your pennies for fancy, absurd water-based products.  They don’t grow on trees.

6 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: French Braids, French Fries, and French Water

  1. Are you kidding me?! $17 for a bottle of water to spray on myself? That’s ridiculous.

    So, now I’m kind of afraid my non-existent daughter is going to hate me! I don’t know how to French braid!

  2. We bought those spray waters when we were hung over as $*#@ at the pool in Vegas on my bachelorette party. A weekend of indulgence called for overpriced water spray to tame the hang over. You only get married once…

    Never tried Buns…but saw it. Tyler’s garlic fries are deadly, you will smell for days..

    • So Tyler’s in Durham has a deal where, if you check in on foursquare, you get a free order of those garlic fries.

      Last time I went, we got 3 orders for the table. And thus, Durham was safe from vampires for days.

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