Labor of Love

It’s important to start every holiday weekend off with something laden with carbs, cholesterol, and meat.  I’m pretty sure I read that… in a book.

T-t-t-tasty, tasty

And with my first bite of The Standard from Spread (voted best bagels in Philly 2012!) featuring cheese, eggs, and cherry wood smoked bacon on a whole wheat everything bagel, I was transported from a world of job hunting, school prep, and unpacking into a world of sun (a little bit of sun, at least), sand, and vacation-esque things of that nature.  I explored the liquor store for a bit, and held back my intense desire to buy this juice-box style Franzia.

Aw, baby Fran and big Papa Fran!

3 liters is a juice box, right?

Our first night at the shore (OCNJ, in case you’re wondering) was an evening to celebrate the ultimate man in the moon AND the blue moon at once! We scampered over to the beach down the street to appreciate it fully.

Here’s looking at you, Neil.

Day two was a day for celebrations. My uncle finally got married to his long time love, so we only had one option.  That option?


You may be struggling to see the label, but trust me, it’s Veuve Clicquot. We’re basically rappers.

We enjoyed a late night swim under the stars, lots of laughing, celebrating, and talking late into the night.  Apparently, a little too late because, as I was riding my beautiful bike home along the route that I’ve ridden more times than anything else in my entire life, the car riding in front of me jerkily slammed their brakes on, before realizing that must not’ve been their turn and driving off.

The result?


Attempting to avoid hitting the one car in front of me, I swerved, hitting the stationary car and curb next to me. It was terrifying, it was dangerous, and it was pretty brutal. The car, of course, sustained no damage as I hit the bumper with my tire.  However, since I was riding pretty smoothly up to that point, the bike itself looks pretty jammed together. I’m hoping it can be fixed, though I was too scared to bring it in initially.

I certainly won’t be riding any bikes any time soon, especially after any champagne and, other than a few bruises on the legs and tailbone (and hip, and chin… ok, maybe it was pretty bad), I’m doing okay.

Just call me the patterned lady

Consider this a public service announcement: just walk home. Even if it’s the town you grew up in, and the route you know better than the back of your hand, and you’re “all good”, there’s always the chance that someone else might not know that route. And, as a biker, you’re always at the mercy of the drivers on the road.

And, since my bones are sore and my brain could use some flexing, it’s time to hit the books.

Study buddy!

Hit them hard, as school starts today!

Wish me luck on my orientation! I hope the other kids are nice to me…

What’d you do over the long weekend? Any sun or sand make it into your life?

If so, I’m a bit jealous, we only got one day and a lot of rain and clouds. But one is better than none!










11 thoughts on “Labor of Love

  1. Bahhh silly drivers! If only bikes ruled the road! My weekend was spent doing some yoga, catching up with old friends, and hobbling around with very sore hammies (from the yoga, sigh). I’m starting school up too, though it feels like I haven’t had much of a break since May. Good luck with the new school year!

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