Six Pack Sunday: Snacktime!

Hey hey you party people!

Glad you enjoyed my recipe for that Chocolate Crack (and lemme tell you, despite some judging malfeasance, everyone at the picnic loved it too).

It’s been a pretty snuggly weekend, with a total of three naps and very little leaving the house, which I loved…. but that’ll change oh-so-soon with next weekend being the Healthy Living Summit in Philly and the weekend after being a wine-tasting themed bridal shower for my cousin in OCNJ!  But enough about the future, here are the six silly things that I’ve enjoyed or thought about this week.  For your viewing pleasure.

  1. So that’s why they call them navel oranges.

    Wow. Definitely an Inny.

    If that’s not a belly button on a fruit, I don’t know what is.

  2. I demand a revote!

    Gimme a break!

    Now, I know I may be biased…. but of the 5 desserts pictured here, mine didn’t even PLACE! (there were 1-3rd places with gift cards!)  I’ll admit, the cool whip thing on the left was delicious and full of cake and berries…. but the one on the far right…. HAWAIIAN CAKE?! COME ON!!  I gave them all a fair try.

    A nice sampler platter of the competition's goodies.

    Admittedly, I’m a bit sour grapes, so my mind may have played tricks on me, but I’m pretty sure the carrot cake was poison.

    Luckily, the judging didn’t prevent people from eating the heck out of the crack. HA!

  3.  #WTF

    AND a personalized note to boot!

    Have any of you tweeted #WTF when you finish a box of Wheat Thins @crunchiscalling?  If you DO you have a chance to have a brand new box sent to you!!  And they even hand-write the note!!  How nice is that?

    And I can’t promise that I’ll send you boxes of Wheat Thins, but you should follow @foodsweatnbeers on twitter too for live, minute-by-minute updates on what I’m doing.  Doesn’t that just sound great?!

  4. A Blogger Meetup!!

    UNC girls!!

    I met up with Allison, author of Happy Tales, at the UNC School of Public Health.  It was my first ever healthy living blogger meetup, a virtual dress rehearsal for the Healthy Living Summit in LESS than a week (ahhh!)  It was great to finally meet someone IRL who I’ve read all about.  It’s like I already knew her.  Wonderful to meet, chat about HLS and our mutual love of dogs named Happy, and enjoy the company while spending some time on UNC campus again. It just reminded me how excited I am for Football Season!!

  5. Another WTF.  This time, chocolate bar style.

    Oh, it isn't?!

    Read a little about this Yorkie candy bar.  And apparently it’s not for girls. So if you’re trying to eat it, and you’re a lady….


  6. North Carolina’s Girls’ Pint Outchapter is making it happen!!

    Sweet Swag

    I had a fantastic meeting with the some of the finest Craft Beer Ladies in the Triangle tonight to discuss future plans for NC GPO…  Things are going to get awesome, very very soon.  Check out @NCGirlsPintOut on Twitter!!  Our next event’s going to be this Thursday(!!!!) at Busy Bee Cafe in Raleigh and I’m beyond pumped.  Also in the plans…. two of my favorite words, combined into one event: KEGS & EGGS!!

    Nothing’s set in stone, yet, but I’ll be working my booty off to get it set.  Perhaps a tailgating event.  That’s just my dream come true.  Dream big, right Jordan?

Those are the little bits of goings on, and now I’m off to enjoy my froyo and a sweet episode of Mad Men. Yup, this is the first time we’ve ever watched it. And yup, I’m addicted.

Get inside of my belly.

Good night, friends, and best of luck waking up for Monday’s meandering.

10 thoughts on “Six Pack Sunday: Snacktime!

  1. I think it’s super cool that you’re actually meeting bloggers in your niche! You’re bringing the blogosphere to life! Have fun at the HLS! Can’t wait to see the updates you have from there.

  2. I pick you up in four days!!! 😎 Woo! I have actually had that candy bar. Scott brought home a bunch of candy bars when he was in England so I could try them and that was one of them. It is not the only man-centered candy I have had. If you are familiar with Pocky, they make a Men’s Pocky which is actually just dark chocolate instead of milk. I guess the idea is women don’t like dark chocolate as much? Too bad they’re wrong. 😉

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